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To Lam elected as the New President of Vietnam

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To Lam elected as the New President of Vietnam Appointment 4 min read

General To Lam was elected as the new president of Vietnam by the Vietnamese parliament on 22 May 2024. To Lam, who was the public security minister, was removed from his post as minister by the Vietnamese parliament before being elected president. The appointment comes after Vietnam’s former President Vo Van Thuong resigned two months back amid a corruption crackdown.

General To Lam to be president for 2021-2026 tenure 

Vietnam is ruled by one party—the Communist Party of Vietnam. General To Lam who is a member of the Communist Party’s politburo, was the only candidate for the president post. He was elected by Vietnam’s parliament—the National Assembly—for a tenure till 2026. 

The National Assembly of Vietnam has 500 members who are elected for 5 years and sit two times a year. The National Assembly elects the president and vice president of Vietnam.

General To Lam has been the public security minister of Vietnam since 2016. 

66 years old To Lam  as head of public security minister played a crucial role in the anti-corruption campaign in the country also known as "blazing furnace". The campaign aimed to root out widespread corruption in the country which saw the resignations of three out of top five leaders of the country.

Most powerful post in Vietnam 

In Vietnam, the post of president is largely ceremonial, but it is considered to be one of the top four positions in the country or the “four pillars” of the country. The most powerful post in Vietnam is of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Prime minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

The party chief Nguyen Phu Trong's third five year term is going to end in 2026 and there is speculation that Lo Tam will use his position as the president to become the party general secretary.

About Vietnam 

Vietnam is a communist country which lies in Southeast Asia.

The legendary communist leader  Ho Chi Minh, who led the Vietnamese freedom movement against the colonial French regime in Vietnam, is considered to be the founder of modern Vietnam. 

In 1954, the country was partitioned into communist North Vietnam and American-supported South Vietnam.

The North Vietnam government defeated South Vietnam in 1975, and the country was unified.

Capital of Vietnam: Hanoi

Currency of Vietnam: Dong

Prime Minister :Pham Minh Chinh


Answer: Lo Tam

Answer” National Assembly

Answer: Hanoi

Answer: Dong

Answer: Asia is situated in Southeast Asia.
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