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India hosts the ‘Second Voice of Global South Summit’ Virtually

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 17-11-2023
India hosts the ‘Second Voice of Global South Summit’ Virtually Summit and Conference 6 min read

The second ‘Voice of Global South Summit’ is being organized on 17 November 2023, hosted by India. This summit, to be held through virtual medium, is being focused on sharing the outcomes of the meetings held during India's G-20 presidency with developing countries.

  • The first edition of the Voice of Global South Summit was hosted by India in January this year through virtual medium.

Discussing the challenges arising from global development:

  • The challenges arising from global development are also likely to be discussed in this summit.
  • This conference will serve as a platform to maintain the common aspiration of a more inclusive and progressive world order.
  • The inaugural session of this summit was hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the first session of the summit, the theme of development for all and trust for all for the common future of developing countries were discussed.

Initiatives being taken to empower the Global South:

  • This is the most unique platform in the changing world of the 21st century. Today it consists of more than 100 different countries, but their interests and priorities are similar.
  • In December last year, when India assumed the presidency of the G-20, India considered it its responsibility to amplify the voices of the countries of the Global South in this forum. India's priority was to make the G-20 inclusive and human-centric on a global scale.
  • The priorities of the Global South were given prominence in more than 200 meetings of the G-20 held in different states of India.
  • The result was that India was successful in getting everyone's consent on the issues of the Global South in the New Delhi Leaders Declaration.
  • At the G-20 event, I would like to humbly share with you some important decisions taken keeping in mind the interests of the Global South. I cannot forget that historic moment when due to India's efforts the African Union got permanent membership of G-20 at the New Delhi Summit. 
  • Everyone in the G-20 agreed that major reforms should be brought in the Multidimensional Development Bank (MDB), and emphasis should be given on providing sustainable finance to developing countries.

AI Global Partnership Summit to be organized in India next month:

  • India advocates that emerging technologies should not exacerbate the North-South divide. 
  • Today in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is a need to use technology in a responsible manner.
  • To take this forward, an ‘AI Global Partnership Summit’ is being organized in India next month.
  • Countries in the Global South are most affected by any natural disaster. For this, India had started the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). Now a new working group has also been formed in G-20 for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilient Infrastructure.
  • On India's initiative, the United Nations is celebrating this year as 'International Year of Millets'. Under G-20, a new initiative has been taken to do research on superfood millets, which we have recognized as Srianna in India. This will enable the Global South to respond to food security concerns arising from climate change and resource scarcity.
  • For the first time, the G-20 has emphasized on a sustainable and ocean-based economy. These are very important for the small island developing countries of the Global South. Important decisions were taken at the summit for global value chain mapping and recognition of digital certificates. This will open up new opportunities for the MSME sector and business in the countries of the Global South.
  • At the first Voice of the Global South Summit, India proposed to set up a Center of Excellence for the Global South. 
  • Today the DAKSHIN – Development and Knowledge Sharing Initiative – Global South Center of Excellence is being inaugurated. During the G-20 Summit, India has proposed to launch satellites for weather and climate monitoring for the Global South. 


Answer:- Organization of the second Voice of Global South Summit to be hosted by India in November 2023.

Answer:- India

Answer:- 'AI Global Partnership Summit' is proposed to be organized in India next month.

Answer:- Full form of ‘DAKSHIN’ – Development and Knowledge Sharing Initiative. ​
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