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Saudi Arabia will participate in Miss Universe pageant for first time

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Saudi Arabia will participate in Miss Universe pageant for first time Person in News 6 min read

Saudi Arabia has decided to participate in the Miss Universe pageant for the first time on 26 March 2024 as a historic event. The move is an important move by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to shed the image of Saudi Arabia as a conservative country.

Rumi Alqahtani will represent Saudi Arabia:

  • In this context, 27-year-old model Rumi Alqahtani announced on Instagram that she will be the first participant from the country in the international competition. She will represent Saudi Arabia at the Miss Universe pageant.
  • Rumi Alqahtani is a famous model and influencer from Saudi Arabia. This will be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's first appearance in the competition.
  • Rumi Alqahtani has been Miss Saudi Arabia
  • Rumi Alqahtani was born in Riyadh. Rumi Alqahtani has previously been Miss Saudi Arabia.
  • Apart from this, Rumi Alqahtani has also won the titles of Miss Arab World Peace 2021 and Miss Woman (Saudi Arabia).
  • Shennis Palacios of Nicaragua is currently Miss Universe.

Miss Universe pageant 2024 to be held in Mexico:

  • This year the Miss Universe pageant will be organized in Mexico.
  • According to Khaleej Times, Riyadh-born Alqahtani has participated in several global competitions. She participated in Miss and Mrs. Global Asian in Malaysia a few weeks ago.

Saudi Arabia as a liberal country:

  • Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. But for the last few years, Saudi Arabia has been making continuous efforts to improve its image as a liberal country.
  • In such a situation, Saudi Arabia's participation in the Miss Universe contest is a big message. This is also an indication that the conservative ideology is gradually eroding under the leadership of the Crown Prince.
  • Under the leadership of the Crown Prince, the country is seeing a steady transformation of its image and a steady easing of stringent restrictions.
  • The country, which is the largest in the Arabian Peninsula, has traditionally maintained strict religious and social controls.
  • Saudi Arabia, in the last few years, has been a country known for its conservatism. It is allowing women to drive, attend mixed-gender events and apply for a passport without a male guardian.

Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy:

  • Saudi Arabia has well understood that petroleum products cannot remain the mainstay of its economy for long because now emphasis is being laid on non-fossil fuel sources at the global level. In this sequence, Saudi Arabia is doing new things every day.
  • Saudi Arabia aims to attract more than 150 million tourists by 2030 to strengthen its economy. Saudi Arabia's main objective is to diversify the economy away from oil and related businesses.
  • Saudi Arabia also plans Qiddiya, a mega entertainment city. Saudi Arabia has already spent millions of dollars on the city as part of its Vision 2030 plan.
  • It has been organizing music festivals.
  • In addition to purchasing some of the world's biggest football teams, it has officially bid for the 2034 men's FIFA World Cup.
  • In efforts to boost its image as a global destination, it has also invested heavily in launching football mega-launches on its soil.
  • Additionally, it has also allowed the sale of liquor to non-Muslim diplomats in the country.
  • Historically, the Muslim country has seen Islamic clerics influence daily life and the way laws are enforced. Till now liquor was available only in the black market or through diplomatic mail.
  • It will now be available in the Diplomatic Quarter in the south-west of Riyadh. Where most of the foreign officials live. Diplomats must obtain approval and are subject to limitations.

Krystyna Pyszkova becomes Miss World 2024:

  • Krystyna Pyszkova of Czech Republic was crowned Miss World 2024 on 9 March 2024 in Mumbai, India.
  • Shennis Palacios of Nicaragua is currently Miss Universe.


Answer: Saudi Arabia

Answer: Rumi Alqahtani will represent Saudi Arabia

Answer: Mexico

Answer: Krystyna Pyszkova

Answer: Czech Republic

Answer: Miss World 2024 was organized in Mumbai on 9 March 2024.
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