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Rajasthan's First Snake Park Will Open In Kota

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 29-12-2023
Rajasthan's First Snake Park Will Open In Kota Rajasthan 5 min read

The first snake park in Rajasthan state will soon open in Kota. The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has recently approved this.

  • In this context, it is expected that in the new year 2024, Kota will get the gift of the state's first snake park. Almost all the formalities for this have been completed, a new building has been constructed and the building is ready.
  • This snake park is being constructed in the Herbal Park on Bandi Road, Kota.

Now research on snakes can be done in the state:

  • According to the information sought from Kota Urban Improvement Trust (UIT), i.e. Kota Development Authority (KDA), many species of snakes will soon be seen here.
  • Environment lovers will be able to see snakes in the snake park. Not only this, but snake lovers who want to research snakes will also get research facilities in this park.

Budget of Rs 10 crore for snake park in Kota:

  • The building of Snake Park in Kota has been ready for one year. A budget of Rs 10 crore was passed for this.
  • About Rs 7.42 crore has been spent in constructing a two-storey building of 9290 square feet in Snake Park. Six thousand seven hundred three square feet have been constructed on the first floor, including the ground floor.

There will be about 33 species of snakes in the snake park:

  • 29 Indian and 4 American species of snakes can be kept in Kota Snake Park.
  • Prominent among the 29 Indian species of snakes are:
    • Indian cobra among poisonous snakes
    • Common Indian Krait
    • Russell's Viper
    • Indian Python among non-poisonous snakes
    • Rat Snake
    • Checkered Nail Black
    • Bonz Beck Keel Snake
    • Trinket Snake
    • Kate Snake
    • Branded Cookery
    • Wolf Snake
    • Red Spotted Royal
    • Forston Kate Snake
    • Indian snakes like Banded Ratcher, etc., will be kept
  • While foreign species :
    • Mexican King Snake
    • Milk Snake
    • Corn Snake
    • Ball python snakes will enhance the beauty of this park.

Contribution of Dr. Vinod Mahobia:

  • Dr. Vinod Mahobia, Coordinator of Reptilian Science, said that the Snake Park in Kota was in the making for about 20 years. Vinod Mahobia, the snake guardian of Kota, made a lot of efforts for this. Under this, Vinod Mahobia conserved snakes of different species in his residence in Talwandi.
  • The plan to build a snake park was prepared in 2004 and has gained momentum.
  • Construction of the building started in July 2021. The building is ready, but the snakes have yet to be brought in. It will start soon.

About Central Zoo Authority (CZA):

  • CZA is a government body established by law under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India.
  • The CZA was established in 1992 through an amendment to the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.
  • The objective of CZA is to monitor the functioning of Indian zoos and support wildlife conservation strategies through a range of measures.
  • The guiding objective of CZA is to ensure best practices for housing, maintenance and health care of captive animals in Indian zoos.
  • CZA currently accredits 147 zoos.


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