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Hello Zindagi: Raipur Police's Big Action Against Drugs

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-01-2024
Hello Zindagi: Raipur Police's Big Action Against Drugs Chhattisgarh 2 min read

'Hello Zindagi' an anti-drugs campaign of Chhattisgarh's Raipur Police is continuing from 15th July. As per the instructions of Superintendent of Police Prashant Aggarwal, along with an awareness campaign, action has also been intensified on drug peddlers and illegal sale of drugs.

General public, doctors, school-college students, voluntary organizations, non-governmental organizations and many social organizations are fully cooperating in the police campaign by participating in the awareness campaign against drugs. Along with this, the message of awareness is being spread to the masses through internet media.

Side effects of addiction:

Physical: Heart attack, high BP, cancer liver failure, impotence

Mental: loss of memory, sleeplessness, anger, irritability,

Family: discord, fighting, side effects in the upbringing of children, economic loss

Social: Image tarnished, crime on the rise

Ways to avoid

If someone is addicted to drugs, he should take medical advice or counseling. Along with this, by exercising, avoiding stress, spending time with loved ones, being in good company, taking guidance from drug addicts, taking help of a de-addiction center and engaging in good work, distance can be kept from addiction.

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