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Polar Preet, A British Sikh Trekker, Sets New Record For Solo Skiing

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Polar Preet, A British Sikh Trekker, Sets New Record For Solo Skiing Person in News 3 min read

Recently, British Sikh Army officer and physiotherapist Captain Harpreet Chandi has claimed to create a new world record. Harpreet, popularly known as Polar Preet for her Antarctic expedition, has become the fastest woman in the world to complete a solo South Pole skiing expedition.

Harpreet made two records in the past:

  • Harpreet, 33, of Indian origin, claimed in her blog on 31 December 2023 that I completed skiing in 31 days. Guinness World Records will confirm this and this third record will also be named after the first two.

Completed the campaign without anyone's support:

  • Harpreet has already made two world records for Antarctic trekking. Harpreet has claimed to be the world's fastest woman to complete a solo South Pole ski expedition.
  • Preet Chandy believes she has broken a third-world record by covering 1,130 km (702 mi) of Antarctic ice in 31 days, 13 hours and 19 minutes.
  • It needs to be verified by the Guinness World Records team.
  • Captain Chandy of Derby launched the expedition from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf on 26 November. The mission was completed by reaching the South Pole at 02:24 GMT on 28 December 2023.
  • During this period, she used to ski for about 12 to 13 hours daily. Used to pull a sledge weighing 75 kg. The sledge had all the material needed to proceed through the difficult terrain.

Previous records of Polar Preet:

  • Captain Chandy had undertaken the trek from Hercules Inlet to Reedy Glacier in the Antarctic between 13 November 2022 and 23 January 2023.
  • In this, she overtook the world record for the longest polar ski expedition by a woman and the overall record.
  • Captain Chandi created history by trekking to the South Pole for the first time in 2021.

About Captain Harpreet Chandi:

  • Captain Chandy, a resident of Cynfin, Derby (North-West of England, UK), is on a career break from military service.
  • Captain Chandy is a physiotherapist at a Buckinghamshire facility that rehabilitates injured soldiers and officers.
  • Captain Chandy's primary role as a clinical training officer is to organize and validate training for doctors in the Army.
  • Captain Chandy is completing her Master's in Sports and Exercise at Queen Mary University in London.


Answer:- Captain Harpreet Chandi

Answer:- United Kingdom

Answer:- Antarctic expedition (South Pole skiing expedition)

Answer:- Polar Preet

Answer:- Captain Harpreet Chandi is a British Sikh Army officer and physiotherapist.
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