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PM Paid Tribute on Quit India Movement's anniversary

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 26-12-2023
PM Paid Tribute on Quit India Movement's anniversary Important Day 3 min read

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has paid his tribute to freedom fighters who participated in the 1942 Quit India Movement. In a tweet, Modi highlighted the movement's significant role, led by Mahatma Gandhi, in India's struggle for Independence from colonial rule. He also shared his thoughts through a video message on the occasion. The Prime Minister emphasized that due to Quit India Movement, the country's current collective voice, advocates for a nation free from corruption, dynastic politics and appeasement.

The Quit India Movement, also known as the “Bharat Chodo Andolan”, was launched by Mahatma Gandhi on August 9, 1942.

About Quit India Movement:

  • On 14 July 1942, the Congress Working Committee met again at Wardha and resolved that it would authorize Gandhi to take charge of the non-violent mass movement. The Resolution, generally referred to as the 'Quit India' resolution, was to be approved by the All India Congress Committee meeting in Bombay in August.
  • On 7 to 8 August 1942, the All India Congress Committee met in Bombay and ratified the 'Quit India' resolution. Gandhi called for 'Do or Die'. The next day, on 9 August 1942, Gandhi, members of the Congress Working Committee and other Congress leaders were arrested by the British Government under the Defence of India Rules. 
  • The Working Committee, the All India Congress Committee and the four Provincial Congress Committees were declared unlawful associations under the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1908. 
  • The arrest of Gandhi and the Congress leaders led to mass demonstrations  throughout India. Thousands were killed and injured in the wake of the 'Quit India' movement. Strikes were called in many places. The British swiftly suppressed many of these demonstrations by mass detentions; more than 100,000 people were imprisoned.
  • The 'Quit India' movement, more than anything, united the Indian people against British rule. Although most demonstrations had been suppressed by 1944, upon his release in 1944 Gandhi continued his resistance and went on a 21-day fast. By the end of the Second World War, Britain's place in the world had changed dramatically and the demand for independence could no longer be ignored.
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