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PM Modi Addressed 'Green Credit Programme' At COP-28

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-12-2023
PM Modi Addressed 'Green Credit Programme' At COP-28 Summit and Conference 6 min read

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the UAE to attend high-level meetings of the world climate action summit COP28 being held in the United Arab Emirates. During this, Prime Minister Modi addressed a high-level program on 'Green Credit Programme' at COP28 on 1 December 2023.

  • COP28 is being held under the chairmanship of the United Arab Emirates from 30 November to 12 December 2023.
  • Also proposed to reduce carbon emissions and host the event in India.

India is co-host of COP28 with UAE:

  • In his address, PM Modi said that I am very happy to co-host this event with the UAE.
  • PM Modi expressed his gratitude to Sweden's Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson for joining this initiative.

Social responsibility in carbon credit forms the basis of green credit:

  • PM Modi said in his address that the scope of carbon credit is very limited, and this philosophy has been influenced in a way by the commercial element. The sense of social responsibility that should be there in the carbon credit system is sorely lacking. We have to emphasize on new philosophy in a holistic manner and this is the basis of Green Credit.

PM Modi emphasizes on nature, distortion and culture:

  • Mentioning three things in his address, PM Modi emphasized on nature, distortion and culture.
  • Nature is the tendency of one's thoughts not to cause harm to the environment.
  • Under the distortion, the one who thinks that no matter what happens to the world, no matter what happens to the future generation, no matter how much loss occurs, it should be beneficial for me. This is a distorted mentality.
  • Under culture, there is a culture, which sees its richness in the richness of the environment. He feels that if he destroys the earth, it will also benefit him. We will give up the distortion and develop our culture of prosperity in the prosperity of the environment, only then nature i.e. the environment will be protected.
  • In his address, the Prime Minister called for adopting many new ideas that preserve the natural environment.

‘Global Platform’ related to environmental protection launched:

  • During this, the Prime Minister also launched a 'Global Platform' related to environmental protection. This portal platform will collect ideas, experiences and innovations related to environmental protection at one place. And this knowledge repository will help shape policies, practices and global demand for green credits at the global level.

Our protection in protecting nature:

  • In the end, the Prime Minister said in his address that, “Prakriti: Rakshati Rakshita” means nature protects the one who protects nature. From this platform, I call upon you to join this initiative. Together, for this earth, for our For future generations, build a greener, cleaner and better future.

Three meetings were held on the sidelines of COP28:

  • According to Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra, three meetings were held on December 1 on the sidelines of COP28. Vinay Kwatra said that 'Green Credit Initiative' has been started as a joint effort of two countries and the European Union.
  • The Foreign Secretary said that PM Modi also held talks with the heads of state of Sweden, France, Israel and Mozambique.
  • PM Modi held many important meetings on the issues of environment and climate change. PM Modi made important statements on the collective efforts of countries while participating in the COP28 World Climate Action Summit.

COP-27 Conference:

  • The COP-27 conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, from 7 to 18 November 2022.
  • At the Sharm-el-Sheikh conference, climate change was officially included on the agenda, along with controlling global warming and addressing the damage.

United Arab Emirates:

  • Capital: Dubai
  • Currency: UAE Dirham
  • President: Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed

Prime Minister: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


Answer:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited UAE at the end of November 2023.

Answer:- The World Climate Action Summit COP28 is being organized in the United Arab Emirates.

Answer:- During, Prime Minister Modi addressed a high-level program on 'Green Credit Programme' at COP28 on 1 December 2023.

Answer:- During the World Climate Action Summit COP28, the Prime Minister also held talks with the heads of state of Sweden, France, Israel and Mozambique.
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