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NATO's Biggest War Exercise Since Cold War: Steadfast Defender 2024

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NATO's Biggest War Exercise Since Cold War: Steadfast Defender 2024 Military exercise 6 min read

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is going to start its biggest exercise since the Cold War in the fourth week of January 2024. This exercise named 'Steadfast Defender 2024' will be conducted till May this year.

Objectives of organizing Steadfast Defender 2024:

  • The main objective of this NATO exercise is to ensure that the US military can help its European allies in the event of a major war with Russia.
  • This exercise is especially important for the countries bordering Russia and the eastern part of NATO.

Key Highlights of Steadfast Defender 2024:

  • NATO is conducting the largest military exercise since the Cold War. According to Chris Cavoli, the top commander of the NATO alliance, the main attractions of this great exercise of NATO include:
    • 90 thousand soldiers
    • 50 warships
    • 80 fighter jets, helicopters and drones
    • 1100 combat vehicles, 133 tanks and 533 infantry fighting vehicles.
  • According to Chris Cavoli, in this big exercise, NATO will see how it can bring its regional defense plan into reality. These are plans that have been made for the first time in decades and outline ways to deal with any Russian attack.

NATO maneuvers against Russia:

It is well known that Russia is the biggest and most direct threat to the security of NATO members. NATO exercises will demonstrate how it can quickly deploy forces from North America and other member states to Europe. In this, America and other NATO countries will practice quickly helping their allies in Europe. This would be done during a "potential war" where NATO might have to fight a larger country.

Previous major exercises of NATO countries:

  • NATO countries last conducted such large-scale war exercises in 1988 during the Cold War. 1 lakh 25 thousand soldiers were involved in this.
  • After this, a similar exercise took place in 2018 also, in which 50 thousand soldiers participated.

Countries included in Steadfast Defender 2024:

  • This new exercise will involve troops from all 31 NATO countries and Sweden. Because Sweden may soon become a member of NATO.
  • NATO countries will work on a plan to immediately send troops to Poland, which is Russia's target.
  • In the Ukraine war, Poland has sent maximum help to Zelensky due to which Russia is angry with Poland.
  • This NATO exercise will also take place in the Baltic countries where the risk of Russian attack is very high.

Steadfast Defender 2024 Venue:

  • The massive "Steadfast Defender" exercise will take place across multiple countries, underscoring NATO's commitment to collective defense and regional security. Participating countries and territories include:
  • Germany: Key elements of the exercise will take place in Germany, highlighting the country's strategic importance within NATO.
  • Poland: Poland's participation emphasizes NATO's dedication to protecting its eastern flank and strengthening its security commitments in the region.
  • Baltic Nations: The Baltic nations, consisting of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, will play a key role in the exercise, reaffirming NATO's commitment to its defense and regional stability.
  • Sweden's participation: Sweden, a nation that is considering full NATO membership, is expected to participate in the exercise. Pending approval, Sweden's addition will bring the total number of participating countries to 32.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): 

  • NATO is an intergovernmental political and military alliance of 31 member states located in Europe and North America.
  • NATO was established in April 1949 after World War II.
  • At that time, NATO was established to counter the Soviet Union and stop the spread of communism in Europe.
  • NATO Headquarters: Located in Brussels, Belgium. The headquarters was inaugurated in 1967.
  • The Secretary General of NATO is Jens Stoltenberg. He was appointed on 1 October 2014 and his second term began on 1 October 2019. His tenure has been extended by one more year in July 2023. Jens Stoltenberg is a former Prime Minister of Norway.


Answer:- NATO

Answer:- All 31 countries of NATO

Answer:- A total of 90,000 soldiers are participating in 'Steadfast Defender 2024'.

Answer:- Jens Stoltenberg

Answer:- Brussels, Belgium
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