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Mukesh Ambani only Indian in top 10 world billionaires list : Forbes

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 04-04-2024
Mukesh Ambani only Indian in top 10 world billionaires list : Forbes Report 5 min read

According to the recently released “Forbes 38th Annual World’s Billionaires List 2024”, Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)  Chairman cum Managing Director (CMD), is the only Indian who has made it to the list of the top 10 billionaires of the world. Mukesh Ambani was ranked 9th on the list, which was topped by Bernard Arnault & family, owner of the French luxury giant LVMH.

At the age of 37 years, Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha, is the youngest Indian billionaire in the Forbes list. 

According to the Forbes report there are 2781 billionaires in the world from 77 countries .The combined wealth of the billionaires were  $14.2 trillion an increase of $2 trillion from 2023.

Countries with the highest number of Billionaires 

First -The United States of America-  The highest number of billionaires were from the United States of America. In 2024, there were 813 American billionaires with a combined wealth of $ 5.7 trillion. Ninety-seven new people joined the ranks of billionaires this year, including newcomers like Taylor Swift, NBA Legend Magic Johnson and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

Second- China  -The second highest number of billionaires were from China. This year's list includes 406 Chinese people with a combined wealth of $1.3 trillion. There has been a decline in the number of Chinese billionaires this year. Last year, the list included 496 Chinese people.

Third - India - The third highest number of billionaires were Indian citizens. There were 200 Indian billionaires in the 2024 list. Last year, there were 175 Indians on the list. The total combined wealth of the 200 Indian billionaires was estimated at $954 billion.

Fourth - Germany, with 132 billionaires 

Fifth - Russia with 120 billionaires.

Top Ten Billionaires in the World 

Except for Bernard Arnault, who is French, and Mukesh Ambani, who is Indian, all the other eight people are Americans. 

  1. Bernard Arnault & family, with a total net worth of $233 billion.
  2. Elon Musk ($195 billion),
  3. Jeff Bezos ($194 billion)
  4.  Mark Zuckerberg ($177 billion),
  5. Larry Ellison ($114 billion),
  6. Warren Buffett ($133 billion)
  7. Bill Gates ($128 billion),
  8. Steve Ballmer ($121 billion)
  9. Mukesh Ambani ($116 billion)
  10.  Larry Page ($114 billion).

Top 10 Indians in the Forbes Billionaire List 2024

Out of the 200 Indian citizens included in the billionaire's list, the top 10 Indian are as follows.

  1. Mukesh Ambani, with a net worth of $116 billion, ranked 9th in the world.
  2. Gautam Adani ($84 billion), ranked 17th in the world.
  3. Shiv Nadar ($36.9 billion) ranked 39th in the world. 
  4. Savitri Jindal & Family ($33.5 billion), ranked 46th globally.
  5. Dilip Shanghvi ($26.7 billion) ranked 69th in the world.
  6. Cyrus Poonawala($21.3 billion),ranked 90th in the world 
  7. Kushal Pal Singh($20.9 billion),ranked 92nd in the world
  8. Kumarmangalam Birla (19.7 billion) ranked 98th in the world.
  9. Radhakrishna Damani(17.6 billion),ranked 107th in the world
  10. Lakshmi Mittal(16.4 billion) ranked 113th in the world.

Forbes is an American multinational multimedia company that covers business, investing, entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, and other topics. 


Answer: Mukesh Ambani, he was ranked 9th.

Answer: The United States of America has 813 billionaires in 2024.

Answer: India was ranked 3rd after the United States of America and China.

Answer: 200. Last year, there were 175 billionaires.

Answer: China. In 2023, 496 Chinese were on the list, while in 2024, there were 406 Chinese billionaires .
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