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Kuwait-Iran Dispute Over the Dorra/Arash Gas field

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 06-01-2024
Kuwait-Iran Dispute Over the Dorra/Arash Gas field Economy 2 min read

Iran had objected to a deal between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on the Dorra Gas field. The offshore field, known as Arash in Iran and Dorra in Kuwait. An offshore gas field in the Gulf waters has long been a bone of contention among Iran and Kuwait claiming ownership over it.

There have been several rounds of negotiations between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to start extracting the resources of the Arash-Dorra natural gas field.

About Gas Field


  • Located in shallow waters offshore in the northern Arabian Gulf the Dorra gas field was discovered in 1967. Iran, which calls the field Arash, says the field extends into its waters.

  • Kuwait and Iran awarded overlapping offshore concessions due to the undefined maritime boundary, while Kuwait and Saudi Arabia developed a neutral zone, known as the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ), covering the on- and offshore border area, wherein all hydrocarbon fields would be developed jointly by their national oil companies. 

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