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Karnataka celebrates its 68th Foundation Day: Rajyotsava organized

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Karnataka celebrates its 68th Foundation Day: Rajyotsava organized Important Days 6 min read

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has greeted the people of the state on the 68th State Foundation Day. On this occasion, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah also inaugurated a Rajyotsava across the state.

Formation of Karnataka State:

  • The state of Karnataka was formed on November 1, 1956 under the States Reorganization Act. Karnataka was formerly known as Mysore State. On November 1, 1973, Mysore State was renamed Karnataka.

50th year of renaming of Karnataka:

  • November 1, 2023, marks the 50th year since the state was renamed Karnataka on November 1, 1973.

Origin of the word Karnataka:

  • The origin of the word Karnataka comes from the Kannada word Karu, meaning black or high, and Nadu, meaning land or region, the combination of which means Karunadu, which means black land or high region.
  • During the British Raj, the word Carnatic was used for this, which is used for the peninsular land on the southern side of the Krishna River and is basically a corruption of the word Karnataka.
  • Karnataka was formed when all the Kannada-speaking regions of India were combined into one state.

7 states of India are celebrating their foundation day on 1 November:

  • Apart from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Lakshadweep and Puducherry are also celebrating their Foundation Day on November 1.
  • In the year 1956, on 1st November, the country's capital Delhi was also recognized as a Union Territory.


Origin of modern Karnataka state:

  • Today's Karnataka state was divided into more than 20 different provinces at the time of independence, including Madras, Bombay Presidency and the Nizam's Hyderabad state.
  • But after independence, when Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1953, many districts of Madras were merged with Mysore. This ignited the fire of violence among the people and their movement went into rebellion.
  • Ultimately, the government established the State of Mysore on 1 November 1956 on a linguistic basis. In this, all the Kannada speaking areas were merged into a single state.
  • In the year 1973, its name was changed from State of Mysore to Karnataka. The Chief Minister of the state at that time was Devaraj Urs.

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Andhra Pradesh was formed on 1 November 1956.
  • On June 02, 2014, Telangana became a separate state from Andhra Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh:

  • This state was established only on 1 November 1956.
  • The establishment of Madhya Pradesh, the country's second largest state, was the most challenging for the then Indian government. The main reason for which was to create a state by combining four provinces - Central Province, Old Madhya Pradesh, Vindhya Pradesh and Bhopal.
  • But the people living in these big provinces had different thoughts, lifestyle, food habits, lifestyle, folk culture and ethics, after many debates and discussions Madhya Pradesh was finally formed.
  • Before reorganization it was also known as Madhya Bharat.


  • Established: 1 November 2000.
  • Chhattisgarh is also known as 'Dakshin Kaushal' province, the maternal birthplace of Lord Shri Ram.
  • In the year 1956, this province was merged into the present Madhya Pradesh.
  • But, like all the other states, Madhya Pradesh was not formed on the basis of language.
  • At that time it consisted of 36 forts, and everyone here spoke Chhattisgarhi and Gond languages. Due to which the demand for making Chhattisgarh a separate state was being raised even before independence.
  • Ajit Jogi was its first Chief Minister.


  • Due to the demand for states on linguistic (Punjabi, Hindi, Pahari) basis since the year 1950, according to 'Punjab Reorganization Bill, 1966', a new state emerged as 'Haryana' state on November 1, 1966.
  • Now Punjabi speaking Sikhs became part of Punjab, Hindi speaking Hindus became part of Haryana. The part where Pahari was spoken was merged into Himachal Pradesh.
  • At the time of reorganisation, both Haryana and Punjab asserted their rights over Chandigarh.
  • Therefore, Chandigarh was declared a union territory and is known as the capital of both the states.



Answer:- Karnataka is celebrating its 68th State Foundation Day on November 1, 2023.

Answer:- Mysore State

Answer:- It was renamed as Karnataka on November 1, 1973. Karnataka was formerly known as Mysore State.

Answer:- Seven states (Apart from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Lakshadweep and Puducherry are also celebrating their foundation day on November 1.)

Answer:- Lakshadweep and Puducherry are celebrating their foundation day on 1st November.
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