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Kanuma the Festival of Cattle Celebrated in Telangana

Utkarsh Classes 16-01-2024
Kanuma the Festival of Cattle Celebrated in Telangana Festival 3 min read

In Telangana, people celebrated Kanuma, the cattle festival with traditional fervour and joy on the third day of the Sankranti festival. It is also celebrated in Andhra Pradesh.

About Kanuma Festival

  • Kanuma Festival is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana is mostly dedicated to worshipping cattle. 
  • Usually, it is celebrated on the third day of the harvest festival, Makar Sankranti.
  • Rural people worship cattle and agricultural tools on this occasion. Rural craftsmen and artisans who assist farmers in daily chores are honoured. 
  • Farmers across the state have been showcasing their bulls and adorned cattle in cattle processions held at many places in their village streets. Cattle competitions and rural sports for youth are also being held at several places to celebrate the festival. Most rural areas are witnessing cattle worship as the farming community considers them vital for the nourishment and development of society.
  • As per Hindu mythology, this day holds special significance as Lord Krishna saved the people of Gokulam from a massive flood in the village. 
  • On the day of the Kanuma Festival, farmers wake up early to bathe and decorate their cattle with ornaments. 
  • They also paint their horns with bright colours. Afterwards, they take their cattle to nearby temples where they perform rituals to worship them. 
  • A significant highlight of this festival is the bullfight and betting on the cattle, known as Pasuvula Panduga. A similar bullfight festival, Jalikattu, is celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

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Answer: Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana

Answer: Because it is celebrated to worship cattles

Answer: On third day of Makar Sankranti

Answer: Kerala and Karnataka

Answer: Tamil Nadu
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