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International Education Day 2024: Date, Theme and History

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International Education Day 2024: Date, Theme and History Important Day 3 min read

International Education Day (IED) is celebrated every year on 24 January.  The United Nations General Assembly declared 24 January as IED to highlight the role of education in peace and development.

Theme of International Education Day 2024:

  • The theme of International Education Day is determined differently every year. This year's theme: 'Learning for lasting peace'.
  • The main objective of this theme is to highlight the importance of education in promoting peace and understanding. Along with this, there is also a deep coordination with contemporary global issues.
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 has a specific objective to achieve "inclusive and equitable quality education, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all" by 2030.

History of International Education Day:

  • Celebrating International Education Day started in 2019. On December 3, 2018, a resolution was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in which it was decided to celebrate January 24th as International Education Day.
  • This historic resolution was passed and supported by 59 member countries. Celebrating the 6th International Education Day in 2024.

Importance of International Education Day:

  • International Education Day is organised to ensure everyone has access to quality education. A poignant reminder of the imperative of collective efforts to make this happen.

Objectives of International Education Day:

  • The objective of International Education Day is to review the objectives to reduce dropout rates in schools, thereby safeguarding education.
  • According to UNESCO, the global number of children out of school has increased by 6 million since the year 2021.

Legal provisions regarding education:

  • Many legal provisions have been made regarding education in India. Most of these are mentioned in the Constitution. According to Article 45 of the Constitution, the provision of universal, free and compulsory education is the joint responsibility of the Centre and the State.
  • At the same time, Article 30 is related to the establishment of educational institutions.
  • Articles 15, 17 and 46 have provisions to protect the educational interests of the weaker sections of the Indian community.
  • Also, Article 239 makes provision for education in Union Territories.


Answer:- 24th January

Answer:- Learning for lasting peace

Answer:- Celebrating International Education Day started in 2019.

Answer:- Articles 15, 17 and 46.
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