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Indo-Mongolian EX- ‘Nomadic Elephant' 2024 starts in Umroi Meghalaya

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Indo-Mongolian EX- ‘Nomadic Elephant' 2024 starts in Umroi Meghalaya Military exercise 5 min read

The 16th India-Mongolian joint military exercise ‘Nomadic Elephant’ started at the  Foreign Training Node, Umroi (Meghalaya) on 3 July 2024. The bilateral exercise will be held from 3 -16 July 2024. The Mongolian ambassador to India  Dambajavyn Ganbold, and the General Officer Commanding 51 Sub Area of the Indian Army, Major General Prasanna Joshi, were present at the opening ceremony of the 16th edition of the ‘Nomadic Elephant’.

About Nomadic Elephant Exercise 

To strengthen the Indo-Mongolian defence tie, both countries decided to organise a joint military exercise. The joint military exercise ‘Nomadic Elephant’ was started in 2004, and the inaugural edition was held in Mongolia.

Since then, the bilateral ‘Nomadic Elephant’ exercise has been held every year alternatively in both countries. 

No exercise was held in 2020,2021,2022 due to COVID-related disruptions. 

The 15th Nomadic Elephant Exercise was held in Mongolia. Thus, India was chosen to host the 16th edition of the annual military exercise.

Army Unit Participating in the Nomadic Elephant Exercise? 

The Indian Army’s 45-men contingent is participating in the exercise. It mainly consists of personnel from the Battalion of the Sikkim Scouts and from other sections of the Indian Army.

The Mongolian side is represented by the personnel from the 150 Quick Reaction Force Battalion of the Mongolian Army. 

Aim of the Nomadic Elephant Exercise 

The main aim of the 16th ‘Nomadic Elephant’ is to hone their skill in responding to a terror incident. Both forces will jointly conduct drills in response to emerging terrorist scenarios. The exercise will sharpen the joint military capability of both sides to undertake counter-insurgency operations in the semi-urban and mountainous terrain.

The exercise will not only improve India and Mongolia's defence relationships but will also strengthen and facilitate the development of interoperability, bonhomie, and camaraderie between the two armies. 

About the Foreign Training Node, Umroi (Meghalaya)

The Foreign Training Node, Umroi (Meghalaya), was set up by the Indian Army as a world-class warfare training centre where the Indian Army can host foreign armies for joint military exercises. It was modelled on such training centers found in the world's leading armies. The Foreign Training Node, Umroi, is situated in the Indian Army’s  Umroi cantonment in Meghalaya. 

It is an ideal training centre for conducting joint exercises on mountainous terrain.

The Indian Army has other joint training centers in Belgaum, Varangte, and  Bakloh, but Umroi is Eastern Command’s first independent and fully integrated Joint Training Node for foreign armies.

Khaan Quest Military Exercise 

Apart from the regular bilateral Nomadic Elephant exercise between the Indian Army and the Mongolian Army, India also regularly participates in Mongolia's ‘Khaan Quest’ multilateral military exercise. India participated in the “Ex Khaan Quest 2023” held in June 2023 in Mongolia.


Answer: Mongolia

Answer: Foreign Training Node, Umroi (Meghalaya)

Answer: Mongolia

Answer: 2004
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