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India jumps to 39 rank in WEF Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024

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India jumps to 39 rank in WEF Travel & Tourism Development Index 2024 Index 4 min read

India was ranked 39 out of 119 countries in the recently released Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024 by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The United States of America was ranked no.1, while India was the topmost-ranked country in South Asia.

Travel and  Tourism Development Index 2024

The Travel and Tourism Development Index is a biennial report released by the World Economic Forum(WEF). The first Index was released in 2022.

Earlier, the WEF used to publish the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI), biennially since 2007. The  Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index was replaced by the Travel and Tourism Development Index.

The Travel and Tourism Development Index benchmarks and measures the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable and resilient development of the Travel and tourism sector, which plays a role in a country's development.

 The 2024 Travel and Tourism Development Index was prepared in collaboration with the University of Surrey, England. 

This year, 119 countries have been ranked on the Index.

Top & bottom-ranked countries on 2024 Travel &Tourism Development Index

The Travel and Tourism Development Index gives scores to a country based on 17 pillars and 102 individual indicators. The maximum score is 7, while the lowest score is 1.

The top five ranked countries in the world according to the 2024 Travel and Tourism Development Index are as follows:

  1. United States of America  -score of 5.24
  2. Spain -score 5.18
  3. Japan -score 5.09
  4. France -score 5.07
  5. Australia -score 5.00

 Bottom Ranked countries 

119. Mali score - 2.78 

118. Sierra Leone -Score 2.9

India's overall score on The 2024 Index

In the 2024 Index, India’s overall score is 4.25. India has performed well in the high price competitiveness (18th rank in the world), competitive air transport (26th) as well as ground and port (25th) infrastructure.

India was ranked 6th in natural resources, 9th in cultural resources, and 9th in non-leisure resources. India is one of three countries to secure a top-10 ranking across all resource pillars.

World Economic Forum 

The World Economic Forum is a non-profit international think tank that was set up by German Klaus Schwab of Germany in 1971 to promote Public-Private Cooperation.

According to the WEF, it is a platform that brings together the government, non-government, business, academics, and other stakeholders and to find common solutions to global issues. 

Headquarters of WEF: Cologny, Switzerland

Report Released by WEF

As a research organisation, it releases several reports. Some of the important reports released by WEF are as follows:

  • Global Gender Gap Report,
  • Global Competitiveness Report,
  • Energy Transition Index,
  • Global Travel and Tourism Report,
  • Global IT Report in collaboration with INSEAD and Cornell University.


Answer: 39 out of 119 countries.

Answer: the United States of America

Answer: Mali was ranked 119 in the Index.

Answer: World Economic Forum

Answer: Cologny, Switzerland

Answer: 4.25

Answer: Every two years.

Answer: Surrey University, England.
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