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India grants $ 1 million humanitarian assistance to flood hit Kenya

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 15-05-2024
India grants $ 1 million humanitarian assistance to flood hit Kenya Economy 5 min read

The government of India has announced humanitarian assistance worth $ one million to the government of Kenya to deal with the devastation caused by the floods in the country. More than 267 people in the country have been killed by the devastating flood, which has displaced more than  3,80,00 people in the country.

Indian Humanitarian Assistance to Kenya 

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, an Indian Air Force plane with 22 tons of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief items (HADR), including basic sanitary utilities and hygiene kits, tents, sleeping bags/mats, blankets, power generation sets, ready to eat meals etc has been sent to Kenya.

To provide immediate emergency medical relief to the people of Kenya who have been injured due to floods and resultant house collapse, 18 tons of medical aid, comprising essential life-saving drugs and surgical equipment required for critical care and wound management, has been sent by the government of India. 

To provide relief to the women and children affected by the floods, the government of India’s relief material also includes baby food, water purification, and menstrual hygiene. Floods are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which spread malaria and dengue diseases. Flooding of snake holes brings snakes from their nests, creating a mortal danger for the people. To deal with such eventuality, the government of India has sent repelling mosquitoes, along with malaria and dengue diagnostic kits, anti-venom treatment and several types of testing kits that can be readily deployed on the ground.

The government of India sent a similar relief consignment through its Indian Naval ship, INS Sumedha, which docked in the Port of Mombasa on 10 May 2024.

Floods in Kenya 

The East African country of Kenya has been devastated by floods due to heavy rains in many parts of the country . April to May is the rainy season in the country, but this year the country has received higher than average rainfall due to El Nino weather phenomena. 

El Nino refers to the unusual warming of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean along the coast of Peru. This is an irregular phenomenon which brings drought in India and Australia. But in countries like Kenya it brings  higher than average rainfall .

The widespread destruction caused by floods in Kenya has led to the Kenyan government declaring 10 May as the national day of mourning. The World Health Organisation has already announced a cholera outbreak in Eastern Kenya, one of the worst areas affected by the flooding. 

Republic of Kenya 

The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa. It is famous for its scenic landscape and its wildlife.

It gained independence from England in 1963.

The United Nations Environment Programme headquarters is situated in Nairobi.

President : William Ruto 

Capital: Nairobi

Currency: Kenyan Shilling 


Answer: Kenya

Answer: Kenya, INS Sumedha docked here carrying flood relief to Kenya

Answer” William Ruto

Answer: Nairobi
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