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India among top mismanaged plastic waste generator in the world

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 13-04-2024
India among top mismanaged plastic waste generator in the world Report 5 min read

According to a recent report of Switzerland's non profit group EA Earth Action,India is among the top twelve countries in the world responsible for 60 percent of the planet's mismanaged plastic waste. The report Plastic Overshoot Day was released by EA Earth Action on 12 April 2024.  

Eritrea topped the Mismanaged Waste Index  while Bermuda was at the bottom . The higher the rank of the country in the Index means greater waste mismanagement in the country.

Mismanaged plastic waste refers to plastic that is not properly recycled, incinerated, or kept in sealed landfills. It is mainly thrown in the open, polluting soil, land, water or air.  

What is Plastic Overshoot Day 

  • Plastic Overshoot Day refers to the expected Day when the volume of plastic waste generated will be more than the waste management system can manage.
  • According to the report, the world is likely to overshoot the plastic waste management on 5th September 2024 this year.
  • The report said that almost half of the world's population will be living in areas where plastic waste has already exceeded the capacity to manage it, by April 2024.
  • India is expected to reach its Plastic Overshoot Day on April 23.

Main Highlights of the Plastic Overshoot Day Report

  • According to the report, Twelve countries: China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, the United States and Turkey are responsible for 60 per cent of the world's mismanaged plastic waste.
  • Belgium is the top generator of per capita plastic waste in the world, with a yearly waste production of 147.7 kg per person.
  • Oman topped the list of countries having the highest per capita mismanaged plastic 
  • waste. Oman’s per capita mismanaged plastic waste in 2024 is expected to be 111 kg.
  • The global plastic waste generation has risen by 7.11 per cent since 2021.
  • Plastic production in the world is expected to double, and plastic pollution is expected to triple by 2040
  • Global plastic waste generation this year is expected to be  220 million tons of plastic waste, of which 70 million tons will be mismanaged plastic waste that pollutes the environment.

Report on India 

According to the Plastic Overshoot Day report 

  • The per capita plastic waste production in India is lowest in the world. It was 8 kg per capita per year. 
  • India’s expected mismanaged waste in 2024 will be 7.4 million tons, which is "very high".
  • The report predicts that the Indian  mismanaged plastic waste will be less than one-fifth of China and one-third of the US.
  • The report also claimed that India is estimated to release an average of 3,91,879 tons of microplastics into the environment and 31,483 tons of chemical additives into waterways this year.


Answer: EA Earth Action It is a non-governmental organisation of Switzerland.

Answer: India. Its per capita plastic waste production is 8 kg per year.

Answer: 5 September 2024

Answer: 23 April 2024

Answer: Belgium
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