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Gorsam Kora Festival in Tawang’s Zemithang Celebrated

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Gorsam Kora Festival in Tawang’s Zemithang Celebrated Festival 4 min read

Gorsam Kora festival was celebrated in Tawang district from 7-10 March, symbolising the enduring friendship between India and Bhutan and highlighting the region's cultural richness.

Gorsam Kora festival

  • The Gorsam Kora festival is a celebration of the lasting friendship between India and Bhutan, marked by lively festivities. 
  • This year's event, which highlighted the cultural richness of the region, took place from March 7th to March 10th. 
  • The festival was organized by the local community of Zemithang, in collaboration with civil authorities and with active support from local Indian Army Units. 
  • The festival began with an invocation led by His Eminence Padam Shri Thengtse Rinpoche, followed by solemn prayers at the revered Khinzemane Holy Tree, believed to have been planted by the 14th Dalai Lama. 
  • During the three-day event, monks conducted the chanting of sacred mantras and traditional Buddhist rituals at the chorten. 
  • The Gorsam Kora Festival drew pilgrims and Lamas from Bhutan, Tawang, and neighboring regions, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and cultural exchange. Approximately 40 civilians from Bhutan visited Gorsam Chorten, with an additional 40 Bhutanese nationals utilizing the festival for trade.
  • The festival featured various events, including enthralling performances by local cultural troupes and Indian army bands, as well as martial performances like Mallakhamb and Zanjh Pathaka. 
  • The scenic Zemithang Valley boasts numerous villages included in the Vibrant Village Program initiated by the central government. 
  • In addition, the local community has embarked on various engagement activities such as organizing medical camps during the festival. 
  • This year's festivities revolve around the 'Zero Waste Festival' theme, with the Further and Beyond Foundation, supported by the Indian Army and local administration, spearheading a clean-up campaign.

Zemithang Valley

  • Located in the picturesque Tawang district, the Zemithang Valley is steeped in history and holds great significance as the sanctuary where the 14th Dalai Lama sought refuge after escaping Tibet in 1959. 
  • The Gorsam Kora, an annual festival, is celebrated at the Gorsam Chorten, a towering 93-foot-tall Stupa constructed during the 13th century AD by Lama Pradhar- a revered local monk.

Tawang Monastery 

  • The Himalayan Buddhist community holds this historic landmark in high regard. It predates the Tawang Monastery, which is situated approximately 92 kilometers to the east in Tawang town. 
  • Its striking resemblance to Nepal's Boudhanath stupa is unmistakable, and it shares a spiritual connection with Bhutan's Chorten Kora, located on the western ridge, which was constructed in 1740. 
  • Every year, thousands of devotees, including a considerable number of Bhutanese nationals, attend the Gorsam Kora festival to commemorate this auspicious occasion on the final day of the first month of the Lunar calendar.


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