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Gabriel Attal Has Been Named The Youngest PM In France's History

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Gabriel Attal Has Been Named The Youngest PM In France's History Appointment 3 min read

French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Education Minister Gabriel Attal as his new Prime Minister of France on 9 January 2024, 34-year-old Gabriel Attal is the youngest person to become the Prime Minister of France, replacing outgoing Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne. Gabriel Attal also became the first gay prime minister of France.

Gabriel Atal replaced Elizabeth:

  • According to French media, Macron has made these changes to give new life to his second term before the European Parliament elections. For this, Élisabeth has been removed and a new face has been allowed to be Prime Minister.
  • This reshuffle in France is happening when President Emmanuel Macron prepares for European elections later this year.

Why did Élisabeth Bourne resign?

  • Under the leadership of Gabriel's predecessor, Elisabeth Borne, political tension had arisen in France over new immigration laws. Amidst this tension and pressure, the country had huge political turmoil.
  • French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne had to resign from her post on January 8, 2024, due to great political pressure on this matter.

A decline in the popularity of Macron's leadership:

  • Opinion polls show that Macron's camp is trailing far-right leader Marine Le Pen's party by about eight to ten percent points.

About Gabriel Attal:

  • Gabriel Attal will be France's youngest Prime Minister and the first openly gay Prime Minister.
  • Attal, an associate of Macron, had earned much fame as the government spokesperson during the Covid pandemic.
  • One of the most popular politicians in France in recent opinion polls. Attal has distinguished himself as a smart minister, excelling in radio appearances and parliamentary work.
  • While taking the Oath, Attal stressed strengthening public services, including schools and the health system. Also, the oath has been taken with special emphasis on 'controlling immigration better'.

About France:

  • Capital: Paris
  • Currency: Euro
  • President: Emmanuel Macron
  • Prime Minister: Gabriel Attal


Answer:- France

Answer:- Gabriel Atal (34 years)

Answer:- Gabriel Atal

Answer:- Élisabeth Bourne

Answer:- Education Minister
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