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Fourth Women’s Policy of Maharashtra with eight key areas unveiled

Utkarsh Classes 09-03-2024
Fourth Women’s Policy of Maharashtra with eight key areas unveiled State news 3 min read

The Maharashtra government unveiled the state's fourth Women's Policy on International Women’s Day, more than one and a half years after its delay.

4th Women Policy 

The proposed policy seeks to promote comprehensive development for women and is centered on the implementation of various schemes to achieve this objective. Maharashtra holds the distinction of being the first state to have introduced a women’s policy, and this latest iteration places emphasis not only on the social and economic advancement of women but also on eight fundamental principles that are pivotal to achieving equality in our society.

Eight principles are as follows:

  1. Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing; 
  2. Education and skill; 
  3. Ending sexual and gender-based violence; 
  4. Gender-responsive livelihood enhancement; 
  5. Gender-inclusive infrastructure; 
  6. Gender-responsive governance and political participation; 
  7. Gender-sensitive natural resource management – Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation 
  8. Special sports policy for women and girls.

The policy aims to provide free health check-up camps and improved diagnostic services in underserviced areas, establish day care centers, ensure education for adolescent girls, combat sexual harassment, encourage gender-inclusive agriculture development, and provide working women's hostels and sports infrastructure for women.

Difference between previous policies

The fourth policy stands out from the rest, as it boasts a comprehensive implementation plan, clear benchmarks to track progress, and designated departmental responsibilities. To ensure its success, three committees have been established at different levels to oversee its implementation. 

These committees include a high-powered committee under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, a state task force under the leadership of the Women and Child Development Minister and a district level committee under the leadership of the concerned Guardian Minister.

Previous Women Policies

The state of Maharashtra announced its first women's policy in 1994, followed by a second one in 2001 and a third one in 2014. As a decade has passed since the third policy was announced, it is now necessary to introduce a fourth women's policy.


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