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Former EU Commission President Jacques Delors Passes Away

Utkarsh Classes 29-12-2023
Former EU Commission President Jacques Delors Passes Away Person in News 4 min read

Jacques Delors, former head of the European Union, died on 27 December 2023 at the age of 98. Jacques Delors (France) died while sleeping at his Paris home. Jacques Delors played a major role in the creation of the Euro currency.

Jacques Delors was the former Finance Minister of France:

  • Jacques Delors had a high-profile political career in France. In France Delors served as Finance Minister from 1981 to 1984 under President François Mitterrand.
  • In 1995, Delors refused to run for the presidential post despite getting a huge lead in the polls.

Leadership of the European Commission:

  • Jacques Delors led the European Commission from 1985 to 1995. During this period, many major steps were taken in the integration of the European Commission. The major ones among these are as follows:
    • The creation of a single market to enable the free movement of people, goods and services within Europe.
    • The Schengen Agreement allows border-free travel in Europe.
    • The Euro currency promotes economic and monetary integration in Europe.
    • ERASMUS Program to promote student exchange in Europe.
  • Jacques Delors thus greatly helped to shape the post-war European project centered on open borders and shared institutions.
  • Delors faced resistance from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the European Commission's campaign for integration. While both supported the single market. Thatcher feared that the euro and political union could erode British parliamentary sovereignty.

European Union:

  • Founded: 1 November 1993, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Founding countries: Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium.
  • Chairman: Ursula von der Leyen
  • It is a group of 27 countries that acts as a powerful economic and political block.
  • 19 member countries of the European Union use the 'Euro' as their official currency. While 8 member states (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden) do not use the euro.
  • With the formal establishment of the European Union (EU) in 1993, India signed a cooperation agreement in 1994. The EU-India Strategic Partnership was established in the year 2004 through a formal agreement.

About the European Council:

  • The European Council is the collective body that defines all the political directions and priorities of the European Union.
  • It was established as an informal conference in 1975. The Council of Europe was established as a formal institution in 2009 after receiving the powers of the Lisbon Treaty.
  • The Union's High Representatives for security policies and foreign affairs also participate in the conferences.
  • It includes the President of the European Council and the European Commission, as well as the governments of the EU member states.


Answer:- He was famous for his presidential post of the European Union.

Answer:- France

Answer:- Brussels, Belgium.

Answer:- Ursula von der Leyen
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