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India's 1st toll plaza operated by women's self-help groups in MP

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 14-03-2024
India's 1st toll plaza operated by women's self-help groups in MP Madhya Pradesh 4 min read

The country's first toll plaza operated by Women's Self-Help Groups has started in Agar Malwa, Majjin and Nariyal of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh.

This historic initiative could be possible due to the decision of the MP government to hand over the management of toll plazas with a total turnover of up to Rs 2 crore to women self-help groups so that they can become financially strong.

The entire management and operation of the toll plaza located at Chacha Khedi village on the Shajapur-Dopra Nalkheda road will be done by the Jyoti Women's Self-Help Group. Mrs. Raju Bai is its president.

Varahmihir Aajeevika Sankul level organization Kayatha, Ujjain will manage the Kayatha toll plaza. Mrs. Kaushar Parveen is its president. Progress Community Women's Livelihood Organization will handle the management of Sanjay Nagar toll in Chhatarpur.

What is included in MoU?

  • In the presence of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation signed the agreement with women's self-help groups. The Chief Minister guided this unique initiative for women.
  • As per the agreement, the women's group managing the toll plaza will get 30% of the toll collection and the rest will go to the MPRDC. Soon after the cabinet decision, the group members were imparted training by the Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission. 
  • Toll Plaza Manager Rajesh Pandey trained them about the technical aspect of toll plaza management.
  • MPRDC will provide basic facilities like internet, canopy, electronic toll collection and toilets. The departmental managers of MPRDC will guide the women members of the group and support them from time to time. The women's group will collect toll only through its members. This work will not be handed over to any other agency. 
  • If the toll collection exceeds Rs 2 crore then this work will be done by MPRDC. Life insurance will be provided to women members.
  • Toll collection amount will be deposited into the joint bank account every day. The toll collection amount will first be spent on other administrative arrangements of the toll plaza like internet, electricity, water etc. Initially the work related to cleaning, record keeping and banking will be done by the group.


Answer. Madhya Pradesh

Answer. Agar Malwa, Majjin and Nariyal of Chhatarpur

Answer. 30% of the toll collection
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