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Atmospheric Research Testbed-ART facility in Sehore, MP Inaugurated

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 13-03-2024
Atmospheric Research Testbed-ART facility in Sehore, MP Inaugurated Madhya Pradesh 4 min read

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju inaugurated two research facilities: the Atmospheric Research Testbed-ART facility in Silkheda, Sehore district, Madhya Pradesh and the Coastal Research Laboratory (CRL) in Dolphin’s Nose area, Visakhapatnam.

Atmospheric Research Testbed 

  • The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) has launched a groundbreaking project known as the Atmospheric Research Testbed (ART) to advance our understanding of atmospheric dynamics and bolster weather prediction capabilities. 
  • The inauguration of ART marks a significant milestone in India's quest to become a leader in atmospheric research and forecasting.
  • ART is a one-of-a-kind observational facility located in Bhopal which commenced construction in early 2018. 
  • Its state-of-the-art instruments are designed to record several critical parameters which will be fed into enhancing weather models and enabling advanced studies on the Indian monsoons. 
  • The facility will help us better comprehend cloud systems, land-atmospheric systems, and the tracking of low-pressure systems and depressions.
  • Rainfall associated with these systems during the monsoon season has become erratic with climate change. 
  • The data obtained from the ART facility will be assimilated and used to improve forecasts. 
  • The facility boasts almost 25 high-end instruments, such as aethalometer for aerosol studies, cloud condensation nuclei counter, laser ceilometer to measure cloud sizes, micro rain radar to calculate raindrop size and distribution. 
  • Also, Ka-band cloud radar and C-band doppler weather radar will aid in tracking the movement of rain-bearing systems over this region.

Coastal Research Laboratory (CRL) 

  • The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) in Pune is leading research efforts at a groundbreaking testbed facility that cost Rs 125 crore to build. Meanwhile, the National Centre for Coastal Research (NCCR) in Chennai will host and coordinate activities at the CRL. 
  • During the June to September southwest monsoon season, India typically receives around 70% of its annual rainfall. 
  • The interaction between southwest monsoon winds and low pressure systems or depressions moving westward sustains rainfall over the core monsoon zone, which encompasses rain-fed agricultural areas spanning from Gujarat to West Bengal across central India. 
  • Sehore's Silkheda region is directly in the path of rain-bearing systems originating in the Bay of Bengal, making it an ideal location to study the characteristics of these systems as well as the properties of the clouds they contain.


Answer: Silkheda of Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Visakhapatnam’s Dolphin’s Nose area
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