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Arunachal Pradesh’s Nyishi tribe Celebrating Longte Festival

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 15-04-2024
Arunachal Pradesh’s Nyishi tribe Celebrating Longte Festival Festival 5 min read

Longte, one of the biggest festivals of the Nyishi tribe, began with lots of fanfare and enthusiasm among the people in different parts of the state.

Longte Festival

  • The Longte festival is a unique tribal festival celebrated by the Nyishi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. Unlike other festivals, it does not involve the sacrifice of animals.Therefore, it is the only festival that prohibits the killing of animals during or after the festival. Instead, the Altar is adorned with decorative white feathers of domestic fowl and bamboo decorated flowers to mark the occasion. 
  • Longte Yullo is among the oldest festivals of the Nyishi tribe. It is celebrated by the Dodum clans of the Niyshis, including Koloriang, Chayang Tajo, Huri, Damin, Sarli, Parsiparlo etc.The festival is celebrated with traditional gaiety and devotion in the onset of the spring season in April. 

About Nyishi tribe

  • The largest ethnic group in Arunachal Pradesh is the Nyishis community. They have a rich tradition and culture, and are known for their courage and determination. They believe that they are descendants of Abutani, and are part of the Tani group of communities. 
  • Nyishis practise Jhoom cultivation and grow rice, millet, maize, yams, and different vegetables. They live in longhouses called Namlo, made of mud and locally-sourced cane and bamboo. The houses are built on stilts using bamboo and wooden pillars, with the floor and walls made of split bamboo. 

Other Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh

Here are some festivals celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh:

- Losar Festival: It marks the beginning of the new year according to the Monpa Calendar. It lasts for 15 days in January and February and features colourful dances like Aji Lhamu, Lion, Peacock, and Yak dances.

- Torgya Festival: This 3-day festival aims to ward off evil spirits and harmful forces and promote prosperity and happiness.

- Saka Dawa: Celebrated in the 4th month of the Lunar Calendar, it commemorates Gautam Buddha's achievement of Nirvana.

- Dukpa Tse-Shi: This festival marks the preaching of the Four Noble Truths by Buddha at Sarnath. 

- Lhabab Duchen: Celebrated in the 9th month of the Monpa Calendar, it signifies the reincarnation of Buddha as Shakyamuni.

- Ganden Ngamchoe: This day honours the death of Tsongkha-pa, the founder of Gelugpa Sect.

- Nyokum Yullo: This Nyishi festival is celebrated on 26th February every year to thank the Gods for a bountiful harvest.

- Mopin: It is an agricultural festival of the Galos celebrated on 5th April. It is associated with wealth and prosperity.

- Solung: This colourful festival of the Adi-Minyong group lasts for seven days, during which villagers prepare rice beer and store plenty of meat and vegetables for the celebration.

- Reh: Celebrated by the Idu Mishmis on 1st February, it involves sacrificing Mithun, buffaloes, pigs, and fowl in the names of different gods and deities.

- Oriah: This agricultural festival of the Wanchos begins on 16th February and lasts for four to six days. It is marked with songs and dances.

- Dree: It is the main festival of the Apatanis and is celebrated on 5th July after the planting of paddy.


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