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8th edition of Japan India Maritime Exercise (JIMEX)-24 start in Japan

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8th edition of Japan India Maritime Exercise (JIMEX)-24 start in Japan Military exercise 3 min read

The 8th edition of the Japan-India Maritime Exercise(JIMEX-24) has started at Yokosuka, Japan. The  JIMEX-24 exercise is being hosted by the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF). The Japanese Navy is called the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force.

Indian Ship at the JIMEX-24 and aim of exercise 

The Indian Navy’s indigenously built  Stealth Frigate INS Shivalik is participating in the JIMEX -24 exercise. The JMSDF is represented by its Guided Missile Destroyer JS Yugiri.

The exercise will include both the harbour and the sea phases. The main aim of the harbour phase is to further the interaction between the sailors of both navies and strengthen the bond between the two countries' navies.

The sea phase exercise will test the warfighting skills of both navies. It will aim to enhance its interoperability skills through complex multi-discipline operations in the surface, sub-surface and air domains. The regular exercise between Indian and the Navy is part of the effort of both countries to strengthen their defence relationship.

Military Exercise between Indian and Japan 

India and Japan enjoy close political ties. The Indian defence forces regularly conduct military exercises with the Japanese force. Some of the military exercises are as follows:


JIMEX is a bilateral naval exercise between the navies of the two countries. It was started in 2012 in Japan. The 7th JIMEX -23 was hosted by the Indian Navy off Visakhapatnam in July 2023.


The DHARMA GUARDIAN is an annual military exercise conducted between the Indian Army and the Japan Ground Self Defence Force. The DHARMA GUARDIAN  exercise was started in 2018 and was held in India.

The exercise is held alternatively in India and Japan.

The 5th DHARMA GUARDIAN  exercise was held at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Rajasthan in February/ March 2024.

Veer Guardian

Veer Guardian is a joint military exercise of the Indian Air Force and the Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF). The first Veer Guardian exercise was held at Hyakuri Air Base, Japan, from 12 to 26 January 2023. 


Answer: Yokosuka, Japan.

Answer: INS Shivalik

Answer: 2012 in Japan

Answer: Japan. Japan’s army is called. Japan Ground Self Defence Force.

Answer: Japan Air Self-Defence Force.
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