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25th May declared as World Football Day by the UN

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25th May declared as World  Football Day by the UN Important Day 4 min read

The 193 member United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution on 7 May 2024 to observe 25 May, every year as World Football Day . The resolution was adopted by consensus by the members of the United Nations General Assembly .

Libyan Resolution on World Football Day 

The resolution to mark 25th May of every year as World Football Day was introduced by Libya's ambassador to the United Nations Taher El-Sonni. It was co-sponsored by more than 160 members of the United Nations.

Introducing the resolution the Libyan ambassador said football or soccer is played across the globe in towns,cities and villages. It is the most popular sport on earth. 

Why was 25 May chosen?

On 25 May 1924 all the regions of the world were represented in the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics football event.This year the Summer Olympics is being held in Paris and 25 May 2024 will mark the 100th anniversary of the 1924 football event .

To celebrate the momentous event ,the United Nations unanimously accepted to celebrate 25 May as the World Football Day. 

Game of Football 

Football or Soccer is the most popular sport on the Earth. The birthplace of football is medieval England.  However modern football developed in 19th century England. The Football Association was formed in England in 1863 which primarily made the rules and regulation of the game.

FIFA ( Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was set up in 1902 which gradually became the world governing body of football. FIFA has 211 members which is more than the members of the United Nations.

Football and Olympics 

Football was introduced in the Paris Summer Olympics in 1900. Intially only men’s football team were allowed to play in the Summer Olympics.

Women’s football was introduced at the Atlanta Summer Olympics in1996.

Football has been a permanent feature of the Summer Olympics except in 1932.

In the men’s Olympic the age of the  football players shall not be more than 23 years. 

However three players can be above 23 years in the 18 men squad of the national team.

There is no age limit for the women’s football team taking part in the Olympics.


Answer: 25 May

Answer: 25 May 20024.

Answer: Libya

Answer: 1900 paris olympics. Women football was introduced in 1996 Atlanata Olympics.

Answer: England
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