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1st Glass Skywalk Bridge of UP is ready to open in Chitrakoot

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 16-04-2024
1st Glass Skywalk Bridge of UP is ready to open in Chitrakoot Uttar Pradesh 4 min read

The enchanting Tulsi (Shabari) waterfall in Chitrakoot is now home to the first glass skywalk bridge in Uttar Pradesh. The awe-inspiring bridge, fashioned to resemble Lord Rama's bow and arrow, was constructed in the Kodand forest area at a cost of Rs 3.70 crore. 

  • The Forest and Tourism Department, along with the Pawan Sut Construction Company of Ghazipur, led the construction of the Glass Skywalk Bridge. Last year, the state government renamed it Tulsi Water Falls. 
  • The site's significance as the birthplace of Goswami Tulsidas in Rajapur and the presence of Lord Shri Ram’s shrine make it a popular tourist destination.
  • The bridge's design is nothing short of magnificent, with the arrow's length towards the abyss measuring 25 meters and the width of the bow between the two pillars spanning 35 meters. The bridge is engineered to withstand a load capacity of 500 kg per square meter, ensuring visitors' safety and security.
  • The glass skywalk bridge is scheduled to open to tourists after the Lok Sabha elections, and it is set to become a premier eco-tourism destination. The local authorities are also planning to develop a park, herbal garden, and restaurants in the vicinity to enhance the visitors' experience.
  • The Tulsi Falls, surrounded by lush greenery, is a sight. Three cascading streams plunge from the rocks into a wide water bed approximately 40 feet below, creating a mesmerizing view. Walking on the Skywalk bridge, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the waterfall and the verdant landscape below, making it an unforgettable experience.

Other Skywalks of India

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Answer: Chitrakoot

Answer: Tulsi (Shabari) waterfall in Chitrakoot

Answer: Sikkim Skywalk
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