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1st batch of 64 Indian workers from Haryana & UP leave for Israel

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1st batch of 64 Indian workers from Haryana & UP leave for Israel Place in News 5 min read

The first batch of Indian construction workers leaving for jobs during the conflict in Israel left on 2 April 2024. It was flagged off by Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon and government officials.

Workers left on request of Israeli government:

  • The Israeli government had made an urgent request for construction workers in November 2023.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had discussed expediting the process with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in December.

Why are Indian workers needed?

  • Before the Israel-Hamas conflict, the supply of such workers to Israel came from Palestine. But after the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7, 2023, Palestinian workers began to be viewed with suspicion.
  • The country faced a massive labor shortage after thousands of Palestinians were banned from working in Israel. The construction industry in Israel is suffering huge losses. In this context, on the request of the Israeli government, a decision has been taken to send construction workers from India.

Plan to send a total of ten thousand workers from India:

  • The first group of 64 workers was recruited during a massive drive in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh over the past few months. They are part of an expected 10,000-strong workforce that will be sent to Israel in the next few weeks. Of which there will be flights almost every day by Air India and even chartered flights.
  • This information was said by the National Skill Development Council in a presentation at the farewell ceremony organized by the Israeli Embassy.

Facilities provided to Indian workers in Israel:

  • As per the Framework Agreement and Implementation Protocol signed with Israel, Indian workers will be treated equally with respect to labor rights as Israeli citizens.
  • Indian workers will be provided with reasonable housing, medical insurance and relevant social security coverage as well as fixed wages and benefits.
  • According to the agreement, these workers will have to stay in Israel for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years. These workers will get a salary of Rs 1 lakh 35 thousand per month.

219 workers selected from Haryana:

  • Last year, the Haryana government had invited applications for ten thousand posts from people willing to work in Israel. 8199 workers applied for this. Of these, 1909 workers were selected. Later, during the skill test, only 219 workers were selected.

There was opposition to sending Indian workers to Israel:

  • The Center of Indian Trade Unions had urged the government not to send the workers, raising questions on ethical issues because Indian workers have to replace Palestinian workers during the conflict.

In which areas will the workers work:

  • The Indian Skill Development Agency had received a demand for 10,000 construction workers from Israeli employment agency PIBA on November 15 last year. These workers will be employed in the following different work areas:
    • 3,000 for formwork
    • 3,000 for iron bending
    • 3,000, for welding
    • 2,000 for plastering, 2,000 people were involved in ceramic tiling.
  • After efficiency tests conducted in two states, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, 9,727 workers were found eligible. He is being offered a contract to travel to Israel.
  • Out of these, the first batch of 64 people left. With this, an estimated 1,500 Indians will leave for work in Israel in April.

About Israel:

  • Capital: Jerusalem
  • Currency: Israeli Shekel
  • Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu

Language: Hebrew (written from right to left).


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