Government Job or Private Job -Which is better?

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  • Feb 17, 2021
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Government Job or Private Job -Which is better?

Which is better – Government Job or Private Job? This is a dilemma which is often faced by individuals who are on the verge of starting their career. Government jobs are considered to be very prestigious in Indian society whereas the private sector offers better work opportunities as well as better pay.

The choice of either getting a private job or applying for a government job often leaves the students hanging between both the choices. In this article, we will be discussing both the options by visiting the advantages and disadvantages of working in both sectors


Irrespective of the department you are in, you will expect increments, promotions and appraisals based on your hard work. Appraisals are a very common phenomenon in private sectors and most of the employees get one every year or even after a half. However, this is not the case in the government sectors.

Benefits and Allowances

The main reason why government jobs are the first preference among many is because of the benefits it comes with. Government employees are entitled to many allowances and benefits such as a pension, provident fund, housing, transportation costs and much more. However, this is not the case in the private sector. 


The competition to get into a government job is very tough. The recruitment of almost all the government jobs is done on the basis of a competitive exam and students from all states or every from across the country participate in them, thereby making the competition very tough. In private sectors, the selection procedure isn’t that competitive. 

Control Levels

In government offices, levels of controls are quite less. Government job gives you the liberty to work freely, but in a restricted space. With private jobs, the level of controls are generally high and there isn’t much liberty. 

Job Flexibility

Private jobs provide flexible working hours, work from home, remote working, and many such provisions. Unlike what many people think, government jobs can be flexible too, but not as much as private jobs.

Job Satisfaction

This parameter totally varies from person to person. What can be interesting for one can be a dull job for the other. However, it is generally observed that government jobs become monotonous and employees do feel dissatisfied with their work. 

Job Security

Government jobs offer great job security whereas there is no job security in the private sector. Once you get a government job, you don’t have to fear losing it unless you do something very major. However, this is not the case in the private sector. 

Low Pressure

Private jobs exert more pressure on an employee as compared to a government job. The processes in government jobs are rather easy-going as compared to the private sectors.

Off Days

While working for the government, you get to enjoy all the holidays and off days on the calendar. However, this is not the case in the private sectors. The private sectors grant limited leaves thereby leaving employees with very little time to spend with their family.


There is no provision of pension in the private sector whereas the government jobs do provide it. Pension is a very important aspect in an employee’s life as it secures their retirement and they do not have to worry about earning in their old age.


The salary packages in the private sector are more attractive than those of government jobs. However, government jobs do provide some allowances which are not included with private jobs.

Selection Process

The selection process of government jobs is very tough as the candidates from all across the country compete for very few positions. However, in the case of private jobs, the selection is generally done through an interview. 

Social Prestige

Government jobs, despite being less financially rewarding, are seen to be very prestigious by society. Only a select few candidates can crack these exams making them something to be proud of.

Work Environment

The work environment of the private sector is more comfortable and enjoyable as compared to the government sector. Private sectors pay extra attention to keeping their employees happy by indulging them in various games, activities, and other such tasks.

Both government jobs and private jobs can be equally rewarding. It depends on an individual what they expect from themselves and what kind of lifestyle they want to opt for. Government jobs can be a tough nut to crack, but with proper coaching for government exams, one can easily crack it. Private sectors do not require you to crack any exam but test your skills and personality in an interview. 

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