Smart Preparation Tips for acing the JEE exam amidst the lockdown.

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  • Sep 30, 2020
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Smart Preparation Tips for acing the JEE exam amidst the lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped the pace of the world. Countries are under lockdown and normal lives have come to a halt. Everyone has been restricted to their home and major events have been either canceled or postponed. One such event is the JEE examination which was scheduled to be held from 5 April to 11 April 2020 has now been rescheduled and will be held from 1 September to 6 September 2020. Although the exam date has been extended, the students have received extra time to strengthen their preparations for the exam. This lockdown may have its downsides, but it has given the students additional time to make sure that they perform well in the exam.

As per the previous dates, the students might have completed their entire JEE syllabus ad would be continuing with the revisions. However, if this is not the case, the students still have the chance to get done with their preparations. We have curated a guide that will help you in preparing for the JEE exam amidst the lockdown.

1.Enroll Yourself in Online Classes

There are numerous online platforms that provide complete JEE Coaching Online along with proper guidance, good quality study material, video lectures, mock tests, practice sheets, etc.  The students can enroll in one of these JEE Online Courses to ensure that the learning does not stop, even amidst the lockdown. These classes will maintain consistency in your studies and help you clear any doubts that you might have while studying.

2. Prepare Notes

Preparing notes is the best way to understand a concept as writing helps you retain information in your brain for a longer time. These notes will be very helpful for the students at the time of final revision too.  

3. Practice with Online Test Series & Mock Tests

Online tests and mock test series help the students to self-assess their performance. Since these tests provide an All India Ranking and proper report cards of students’ performance, this allows the students to know where they stand among the competition. These test series help the students identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they know which areas require more effort from their side. There are plenty of JEE Mock Tests available on the internet which can be accessed for free or a minimal cost.

4.  Browse YouTube Channels

There are many YouTube channels for JEE that are dedicated to helping students prepare for the exam. These channels help you understand complex STEM topics with ease. You can watch videos on YouTube for free and benefit from the extensive knowledge being distributed on the internet. 

5.  Follow a 3-Tier Revision

At this stage, revision is the most crucial aspect of preparing for the exam. Making a proper strategy for the revision can be the deciding factor for you getting into the college of your dream. The 3-Tier revision plan suggests that a candidate revises the topic one the same day they study it. Then, they must revise it after 3 days again. This will make sure that the topic remains in their memory forever. 

6. Follow a Proper Strategy & Time Management

Time management is very essential as the exam is just a few weeks away. The candidates must make sure that they utilize this time carefully and try to revise the whole syllabus at least two times. Make a study plan for revision the same way you made when you first started with your exam preparation. Previously, you had to study for both Boards and JEE, but now you have to focus only on the JEE exam. Use that to your advantage.

7.  Study Important Formulae

The students are advised to make a separate notebook/ sheet and note down all the subject-wise important formulas in it. This way you can read them again and again and make sure that you remember them during the exam. It is crucial to remember these formulas as they can help you solve numerical problems easily.

8.  Refer to Previous Year Question Papers.

Solving previous year question papers can help you in knowing the pattern and trends of the question paper. It gives you an idea about what kind of questions will be asked in the JEE examination. It also gives you an idea about the marking scheme and the weightage of various sessions so that you know how much time you should give to each one of them.

9. Work on your weak sections

Utilize this time to work on the subjects and topics where you feel you lack or need more preparation. Doing this will ensure that you can work on the areas that require your attention and do away with any doubts or confusion.

10. Work on your accuracy factor

You must remember that there is negative marking applicable in JEE. Therefore, prepare yourself to only answer questions that you are sure of. The only way to increase your accuracy factor is by practicing more and more JEE mock tests.

11. Make Flashcards

The candidates can prepare flashcards by writing down important concepts or formulas. These flashcards can help them to remember all the crucial formulas and concepts more easily and effortlessly.

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