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UPSC NDA Previous Year Question Paper PDFs

Utkarsh Classes 01-04-2024
UPSC NDA Previous Year Question Paper PDFs

UPSC, also known as the Union Public Services Commission, administers the NDA Exam twice a year. For students who are in their 12th year of study and have graduated, there is an NDA exam. Male candidates can enroll in the National Defence Academy and become officers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force by passing the NDA Exam.

The General Ability and Mathematics papers make up the NDA Exam. Candidates frequently find Previous Year Question Papers to be helpful resources when preparing for exams. These tests provide information about the structure of the exam and aid candidates in identifying their areas of strength and weakness. It is well known that completing the NDA past year question papers enhances exam performance. For your reference, we have included NDA previous year papers in this article.

NDA & NA Previous Year Paper PDFs

Candidates preparing for the National Defence Academy Examination, also known as the NDA exam, scheduled for 21 April 2024, should start by solving previous years papers.These papers aid candidates in comprehending the structure and difficulty level of the exam. Applicants can assess their areas of weakness by looking through past year papers. Candidates can use the tables below to download Subject wise PDFs of the UPSC NDA previous year's papers.

National Defence Academy Exam (Mathematics) Previous Year Papers 

Download the UPSC National Defence Academy Mathematics subject previous year question papers PDF:

National Defence Academy Exam (General Ability Test) Previous Year Papers 

The National Defense Academy (NDA) General Ability Test (GAT) Previous Year Papers are a priceless tool for applicants getting ready for the entrance exam. These papers offer a thorough compilation of the previous year's questions and answers on a variety of subjects, including science, politics, geography, and current events. It is recommended that candidates download these question papers in order to augment their knowledge, sharpen their comprehension of crucial information, and cultivate their proficiency in answering general knowledge questions.

NDA Exam Previous Year Questions 

UPSC previous year questions are extremely helpful in the preparation process for the NDA Examination. They offer useful information about the exam format, question types, priority areas, and time management techniques. Furthermore, they help aspirants track their progress and gain confidence.

Aspirants should incorporate the practice of solving UPSC previous year papers into their study schedule, making it an integral part of their preparation strategy. This increases their chances of passing the difficult exam and fulfilling their dream of serving the country.

UPSC created NDA questions to assess candidates' analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. Reviewing previous papers allows aspirants to identify common question structures and practice answering them effectively.

Benefits of Practising with NDA Exam Previous Year Paper 

Practising with NDA previous year question papers is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare for the upcoming NDA exam. Here are some of the benefits of answering previous years question papers that you should be aware of.

  • The NDA exam is extremely competitive, and the question paper of the GAT is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics. By solving UPSC previous year question papers, you will gain a good understanding of the types of questions asked, the level of difficulty, and the time required to answer them. 
  • The Mathematics questions cover a wide range of mathematical principles and topics that are fundamental to the NDA curriculum. PYPs allow aspirants to improve their understanding of the mathematical principles assessed in the NDA test, as well as their problem-solving abilities.
  • As you solve NDA previous year papers, you will begin to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses in various topics. This will allow you to focus your studies on the areas that require the most improvement.
  • Each UPSC NDA paper is a 150-minute (2 hours and 30 minutes) exam, so you must use your time wisely to answer all questions. Solving previous year's question papers will help you determine how much time you should spend on each question.
  • The more you practise, the more confident you'll be in your ability to answer exam questions. Solving NDA previous years question papers is an excellent way to boost your confidence and prepare for the exam.

How to Effectively Solve NDA PYP?

Solve NDA Previous Year Papers in the following ways to improve your performance and increase your chances of passing the exam.

Basic Techniques

  • Candidates must complete the paper within the time allotted to simulate an exam setting. Sitting in a distraction-free environment and setting a countdown timer will help.
  • Examine the exam questions from the previous year's UPSC NDA paper.
  • Always remember that incorrect answers will result in a negative marking, so avoid speculating or simply marking the answer without carefully reading the entire question.
  • When the timers go off, don't try any more questions. Compare the answers you marked to the answer key to assess your overall performance and identify any errors that need to be corrected.

Keep These Points in Mind 

  • If you have diligently prepared for an exam and an answer choice appears to be completely foreign, it is most likely incorrect. In these situations, use the elimination technique. This method, while not foolproof, may help you avoid receiving negative marks on difficult questions. Rule out options that appear unlikely, thereby narrowing the options. This increases your chances of selecting the correct answer and reduces the risk of negative marking in the NDA exam.
  • Avoid guessing on the NDA exam. Blindly selecting an option may result in a negative marking in the NDA entrance exam. If you're unsure about an answer, it's usually better to leave the question unanswered rather than risk losing points.
  • The NDA exam places a strong emphasis on accuracy. Every answer you mark should be accurate and well-thought-out. To avoid careless mistakes that result in negative marks, make it a habit to double-check your responses before submitting them.

National Defence Academy Exam Overview 

The UPSC conducts an NDA Examination twice a year (in April and in December), which includes a Written Examination and an SSB Interview. Candidates taking the NDA 1 and NDA 2 Examination in 2024 must be aware of important exam details.  

NDA Exam - Important Updates

Exam Conducting Organization

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

Exam Name

National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination 2024

Frequency of Examination


Selection Process

  • Written Examination
  • SSB Interview (Personality Test)

Official Website


NDA Exam Pattern 

Candidates must be aware of the exam before beginning to prepare for it. The NDA exam pattern consists of two stages: a written examination and a personality test. UPSC administers the written examination and the personality test is conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB). Candidates must fully understand the exam pattern for the written exam. 

Explore the NDA exam pattern given in the table below:

UPSC NDA Exam Pattern

Mode of Examination

Offline (Pen and Paper OMR Based)


  • Paper 1 - Mathematics
  • Paper 2 - General Ability Test (GAT)

Number of Questions

  • Mathematics - 120
  • GAT - 150

Maximum Marks

  • Paper 1 - 300 marks
  • Paper 2 - 600 marks (English 200 marks and GK 400 marks)

Marking Scheme

  • Mathematics - 2.5 for correct and -0.83 for incorrect
  • GAT - 4 for correct and -1.33 for incorrect

Exam Duration

02 hours and 30 minutes for each paper

Negative Marking

One third (0.33) marks

Language of questions

Bilingual (English & Hindi) *except for English language questions.


UPSC NDA exams have become increasingly difficult and unpredictable year after year. PYQs are more important than ever for the Defence Services Exam preparation.

By solving the previous year paper for the UPSC NDA Exams, candidates will be able to identify the most frequently asked exam topics, including their difficulty level. They will be able to evaluate their level of performance to identify and strengthen their weaknesses.

Yes, candidates can download free UPSC NDA previous year papers PDFs either from the links provided in the article or from the Utkarsh Classes Application or website.

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