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Rajasthan: Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes Day on 31st Aug

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Rajasthan: Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes Day on 31st Aug Rajasthan 42 min read

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced that every year August 31 will be celebrated as Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes Day on the occasion of the 72nd Liberation Day of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes.

DNT development fund made from 50 Crores, 5 Cr. for art conservation

  • A fund of Rs 50 crore has been set up for the development of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes (DNT). Continuous steps are being taken by the state government for the upliftment of the freed, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribal communities.
  • DNT Research and Preservation Center is being built with an amount of Rs 5 crore for the traditional arts and enterprise of DNT society. Along with this, work is also being done to provide interest-free loans to the people of the society and to provide employment and economic incentives to artists.

Steps for the upliftment of Denotified, Nomadic & Semi-Nomadic Tribes

  • A scheme has been brought to provide accommodation and education to the students of the society. DNT policy will be brought soon for the upliftment of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes.
  • The Chief Minister said that the Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribal Community (DNT) contributed significantly in the freedom struggle. For this reason, the British tortured this community by enacting oppressive laws like the Criminal Tribes Act-1871.
  • After independence, the first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru ended the injustice done to the Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes by repealing this oppressive law in 1952. In 1955, it was Pandit Nehru who got the Gadiya Lohar community to enter the Chittorgarh Fort.
  • Due to the decisions taken by former Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi, all the deprived sections including DNT society got political representation in Panchayati Raj Institutions.
  • The Chief Minister said that it is the right of the backward classes to get support from the government for their upliftment. Progress of deprived societies is possible only by emphasizing on education and health and solidarity. He called upon the people present to take a pledge to educate their children.
  • Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Mr. Tikaram Julie said that the state government is continuously taking decisions for the welfare of the people of Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes who have innate skills. Two hostels are being built in the state for the students of the community.
  • State Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes Board President Smt. Urmila Yogi said that the state government has allotted free allotment of land up to 150 square yards in villages and 50 square yards in cities for the DNT community.

Who are DNTs

  • Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities (DNCs) are hard to reach, less visible, and therefore frequently left out.
  • While most DNTs are spread across the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) categories, some DNTs are not covered in any of the SC. ST or OBC categories.
  • The term 'De-notified Tribes' stands for all those communities which were once notified under the Criminal Tribes Acts, enforced by the British Raj between l87l and I947. These Acts were repealed by the Independent Indian Government in l952, and these communities were "De-Notified". A few of these communities which were listed as de-notified were also nomadic.
  • Terms such as nomads and semi-nomads are applied to social groups who undertook a fairly frequent, usually seasonal physical movement as part of their livelihood strategy in the recent past. 
  • The term semi-nomad is mostly used to describe those sections of nomads whose duration, distance and frequency of movement is comparatively less than others. The distinction between nomads and semi-nomads does not involve distinguishable ethnic categories or social groups, it rather describes the degree of mobility practiced by them.

Denotified & Nomadic Tribes in Rajasthan

Denotified Tribes                                                                                                

1. Badri                                                                                                              

2. Kanjar                                                                                                            

3. Sansi                                                                                                             

4. Jagri(Bawaria)                                                                                                 

5. Mogia                                                                                                            

6. Nut                                                                                                                

7. Naik                                                                                                          

8. Multanis                                                                                                         

9. Bhat                                                                                                              

Nomadic Tribes and Semi Nomadic Tribes                                                      

Nomadic Tribes                                                                                                

1. Baldias (Banjaras)                                                                                           

2. Bardhis                                                                                                          

3. Domabaris                                                                                                      

4. Gadia Lohar                                                                                                    

5. Iranis                                                                                                             

6. Jogi Kalbelia                                                                                                   

7. Jogi Kanphata                                                                                                 

8. Dhirpalts                                                                                                        

9. Shikkeligar                                                                                                     

10. Ghisadis                                                                                                        

Semi Nomadic Tribes                                                                                       

1. Saranovial Bhos                                                                                              

2. Rebaris                                                                                                          

3. Raths                                                                                                             

4. Mangallisa                                                                                                      

5. Bhaayas                                                                                                        

6. Kannis                                                                                                           

7. Kanglus                                                                                                         

8. Jalukus                                                                                                          

9. Khangas                                                                                                        

10. Sindlus                                                                                                         

11. Jogis                                                                                    

12. Ramaswamies                                                                                              

13. Bharaddijadhavs   ​​​​​​


Answer. 31 August

Answer.  Smt. Urmila Yogi
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