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President Murmu attends Boita Bandana ceremony in Paradip, Odisha

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 28-11-2023
President Murmu attends Boita Bandana ceremony in Paradip, Odisha Art and Culture 5 min read

President Draupadi Murmu participated in the 'Boita Bandana Ceremony' (Boat Puja) organized by Paradip Port Authority in Paradip (Odisha) on November 27, 2023. President Murmu is the first President to visit Paradip Port after its construction.

President Murmu performed several other functions at Paradip Port:

  • President Murmu inaugurated a Multi Model Logistics Park through virtual medium.
  • Also laid the foundation stone for a new reservoir and water treatment plant and a next generation ship traffic management and information system for the port township.

Boita Bandana Ceremony:

  • This annual festival falls on Kartik Purnima, a full moon day in the holy month of Kartik, which usually falls in the month of October or November. The Boita Bandana is a cultural tribute to Odisha's ancient maritime activities and trade relations with South East Asian countries.
  • On this occasion, small boats made of banana stems, paper and colourful cloth are floated in rivers, ponds and the sea. This symbolic work pays tribute to the rich maritime history of Odisha and the courageous sailors who traded with South East Asian countries. The festival serves as a cultural bridge connecting the present generation to the seafaring heritage of their ancestors.

Address at the ceremony by President Murmu:

  • In her address on this occasion, the President said that it is commendable to remember the historical memories of Bali Yatra – the symbolic boat journey of traders to the islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali etc. every year.
  • Baliyatra, a distinctive festival, commemorates the rich maritime history of Odisha, echoing prosperity in trade since ancient times.
  • The festival also highlights the rich cultural consciousness of the people of Odisha.
  • The sea has long served as a vital conduit, fortifying India's trade, commerce, and global ties. Literary works inspired by the sea have contributed to the enrichment of Indian culture.
  • Odisha and various coastal states boast a profound legacy in naval commerce. Beyond economic exchanges, these merchants played a pivotal role in disseminating Indian art and culture on the international stage.

95% of India's total trade by volume is carried by sea transport:

  • Maritime trade is playing an important role in the trade and economic development of our country. Sea transport accounts for 95 percent of India's total trade by quantity and 65 percent by value. To align with global standards, it is imperative to enhance the efficiency of Indian ports. Strengthening port infrastructure is crucial to achieve this goal.
  • The Sagarmala program is a laudable step in this direction. The Government of India is actively pursuing the vision of 'Ports for Prosperity' and 'Ports for Progress,' reflecting a commitment to fostering economic growth and advancement through strategic port development.

Paradip Port:

  • Over the past decade, the cargo handling capacity of Paradip Port has doubled, positioning it to emerge as the largest port on the east coast. It also received the 'Port of Operational Excellence Award' at the Global Maritime India Summit-2023. She expressed confidence that the multi-modal logistics park inaugurated today will provide a new direction to the transparent development of trade. The new modern signal stations equipped with Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) will make maritime traffic through this port more safe and orderly.


Answer:- It is a cultural festival celebrated every year in October or November in Odisha;

Answer:- This annual festival takes place on Kartik Purnima;

Answer:- In the 'Boita Bandana Ceremony' mainly the boat is worshipped;

Answer:- President Murmu inaugurated a multi-modal logistics park from Paradip through virtual medium.

Answer:- Paradip Port was also given the 'Port of Operational Excellence Award' in the Global Maritime India Summit-2023.
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