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Olympus- Amazon Dedicates AI Model To Train LLM

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-12-2023
Olympus- Amazon Dedicates AI Model To Train LLM Science and Technology 3 min read

Amazon is investing millions of dollars in training a large language model (LLM) in the hopes of competing with top models from OpenAI and Alphabet. Titan is a smaller model that has been trained by Amazon. Furthermore, it has collaborated with companies like Anthropic and AI21 Labs that are creating AI models in order to make them accessible to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. Those with knowledge of the matter said that Amazon believes that having models developed internally might make its products more appealing to business customers who are looking for high-performing models on AWS. The release date of the new model is not specified, though.

What is Olympus?

  • The “Olympus” is a model which has 2 trillion parameters.
  • It could make it one of the largest models being trained. 
  • One of the greatest models currently available, OpenAI's GPT-4 model, is said to have one trillion parameters.


Significance of Olympus 

  • Olympus could make it one of the largest models being trained.
  • Former Alexa CEO Rohit Prasad, who now directly reports to CEO Andy Jassy, is leading the team. 
  • Titan is one of the smaller models that Amazon has previously trained.
  • Additionally, it has teamed with businesses developing AI models, such Anthropic and AI21 Labs, to make them available to users of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • According to those with knowledge of the situation, Amazon thinks that having in-house models might increase the appeal of its products on AWS, where business clients seek out high-performing models. However, there is no set date for the new model's release. 

What is a Large language model (LLMs)? 

  • The fundamental technology of AI tools that produce replies that resemble those of a human being is called a lattice lambda (LLM). 
  • Considering the amount of processing power needed, training larger AI models is more expensive. 
  • In its retail division, Amazon plans to reduce fulfillment and shipping costs while increasing investment in generative AI and LLMs.


Answer. Olympus is an AI model developed by Amazon.

Answer. LLM stands for Large Language Model which is an AI language for preparing models.

Answer. The full form of AWS is Amazon Web Service.
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