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Karnataka Launched Digital Detox For Safe Use of Social Media, Gaming

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 03-02-2024
Karnataka Launched Digital Detox For Safe Use of Social Media, Gaming Science and Technology 4 min read

The Government of Karnataka launched a 'Digital Detox' initiative in partnership with All India Game Developers Forum (AIGDF) at Bengaluru GAFX with special focus on gaming and social media.

  • It aims to spread awareness about the side effects of spending too much time in the digital world and create an environment of responsible gaming instead.

About  Digital Detox initiative

The Digital Detox initiative is another step towards fulfilling the government's commitment of building a digitally empowered Karnataka through responsible use of technology.

  • Online and Offline centres
    • Digital detox centers will be set up across the state of Karnataka both online and offline.
    • Centers will provide personalized guidance, where trained professionals can turn to individuals wishing to further their relationship with technology. They will provide consultation and assistance.
  • Practical Tools
    • Practical tools and techniques helps individuals learn effective strategies for 
      • managing screen time, 
      • setting limits, and 
      • developing conscious and healthy technology habits.
  • Community Connection
    • Community Connections will work through 
      • workshops, 
      • group activities and 
      • support groups to foster a sense of belonging and shared experience in the journey towards digital well-being.

About GAFX

  • Bengaluru GAFX supported by the Government of Karnataka.
  • It is an annual event aimed to enrich the local artistic community. 
  • The event successfully hosted panel discussions, pitches to top studios and live competitions featured in the GAFX 2022 official showreel. Prominent artists participated in the sketchbook sessions, adding a unique touch to the event.
  • GAFX serves as a premier platform for India's VFX and gaming communities, animation, drawing professionals, artists and students. 

About All India Game Developers Forum

  • The All India Game Developers Forum (AIGDF) is a non-profit group under the auspices of the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), representing the interests of Indian game developers.
  • AIGDF is committed to working with various stakeholders to ensure greater representation of Indian game developers as key stakeholders in the AVGC sector.
  • AIGDF strives to be an active contributor to shaping centers of excellence, technology laboratories and centers and curriculum dedicated to sports development. It also aims to be active in creating a healthy ecosystem of game developers.


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