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ISRO will start Its START 2024 Programme In April-May

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 28-03-2024
ISRO will start Its START 2024 Programme In April-May Science 4 min read

The Indian Space Research Organisation announced that the START-2024 programme, aimed at increasing space science and technology awareness, will be conducted in April-May 2024.


  • A training programme called START is available online for undergraduate and postgraduate students of science and technology who want to learn about space science and technology. 
  • The Space Science and Technology Awareness Training (START) 2024 programme will take place from April to May 2024. 
  • The programme covers various areas of space science research, including planetary science and exploration, astronomy and astrophysics, heliophysics or the interaction between the sun and Earth, atmospheric science, and research related to microgravity platforms that are part of the new human space programme.


  • The training programme aims to attract young people to the fields of space science and technology. The training will cover introductory-level topics on various verticals of space science and technology. Additionally, there will be sessions on Indian space exploration programmes and research opportunities. 
  • The purpose of this programme is to provide basic knowledge and encourage an interest in space science and technology among young people.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who are pursuing post-graduation or final year undergraduate courses in physical sciences, such as Physics and Chemistry, and technology streams like Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, Applied Physics, Radiophysics, Optics & Opto-electronics, Instrumentation, and other related subjects, can apply for training programmes. 
  • This opportunity is open only to students studying in educational institutes, universities, and colleges in India.


  • The START-2024 programme is a prime example of ISRO's commitment to advancing India in the space industry. 
  • By engaging the academic community and nurturing talented future space scientists and engineers, ISRO is investing in the foundation that will enable India to thrive in the competitive and rapidly advancing arena of space exploration and technology. 
  • This initiative is expected to not only boost domestic academic involvement in space sciences but also contribute to the global space industry by equipping emerging talent with the knowledge and skills required to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

Issues and Challenges

  • The space industry, including India's, is facing a few challenges despite the positive outlook. 
  • These challenges include managing space debris, ensuring cybersecurity for satellite networks, dealing with regulatory hurdles, and investing in research and development. Overcoming these challenges is essential to keep the growth of the space industry going.
  • START-2024 is an educational programme that is helpful in tackling these challenges. It creates a workforce that is skilled in dealing with the technical and policy aspects of space exploration and usage.


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Answer: Space Science and Technology Awareness Training (START)
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