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Indian Historical Records Commission adopts a new logo & motto

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 15-05-2024
Indian Historical Records Commission adopts a new logo & motto Art and Culture 4 min read

The Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC) has adopted a new logo and motto in April 2024. The new motto of IHRC has been adopted ‘Yatra Itihasam Bhavishyaam Prasakshantah’.

A new logo and motto were adopted by the competition:

  • To clearly communicate the unique identity of the IHRC and the ethos it represents, designs were invited for a logo and motto. For this, an online competition was started on MyGov portal last year in 2023. A total of 436 entries were received in this response.

Selection of logo and motto of Shaurya Pratap Singh:

  • The logo and motto entry submitted by Shaurya Pratap Singh (Delhi) has been selected as the winner in this competition.

Format of the new logo of the IHRC:

  • This logo perfectly expresses the theme and distinctiveness of the Indian Historical Records Commission.
  • The lotus petal shaped pages represent the Indian Historical Records Commission as a flexible nodal institution for historical records.
  • The Sarnath Pillar in its center represents the glorious past of India.
  • Brown as the color theme reinforces the organization's mission of preserving, studying and honoring India's historical records.

The new motto of the IHRC:

  • The motto ‘Yatra Itihasam Bhavishyaam Prasakshantah’ translates as "Where history is preserved for the future." This motto holds great importance for the Indian Historical Records Commission and its work.
  • IHRC plays a role in identifying, collecting, cataloging historical documents, manuscripts, other sources of historical information etc. By doing so the Commission ensures that valuable historical knowledge is preserved for future generations. Therefore, the motto reflects the commitment to ensure the protection of historical documents. It also clarifies the Commission's commitment to making these accessible for the benefit of present and future generations.

Awards to winners:

  • The winning entry was awarded a prize money of Rs 50,000/-. While four consolation prizes each would be given for logo and motto.
  • An amount of Rs 5,000 each would be awarded as a consolation prize to all four entries selected for logo and motto.

About Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC):

  • The Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC), is an apex advisory body on archival matters.
  • The IHRC serves as a pan-India forum of creators, custodians and users of records to advise the Government of India on the management of records and their use for historical research.
  • IHRC was established in the year 1919.
  • The IHRC is indeed overseen by the Union Minister of Culture. 


Answer: Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC)

Answer: ‘Where history and future are preserved’:

Answer: IHRC was established in 1919.
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