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Gujarat Sets Record For Collective Surya Namaskar On New Year's Day

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-01-2024
Gujarat Sets Record For Collective Surya Namaskar On New Year's Day State news 6 min read

A Guinness World Record was created for performing collective Surya Namaskar in Gujarat on the first day of the New Year 2024. On this occasion, Gujarat witnessed 'Surya Namaskar' performed by more than 50,000 people simultaneously at 108 places, a Guinness World Record.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Gujarat on this occasion for making the Guinness World Record for doing Surya Namaskar together.
  • Due to its immense benefits, Prime Minister Modi has urged everyone to make Surya Namaskar a part of their daily routine.
  • The number 108 has a special significance in our culture.
  • The prestigious Modhera Sun Temple is also included in the places for Surya Namaskar. Many people participated, demonstrating our commitment to yoga and our cultural heritage.

Main events at Modhera Sun Temple:

  • A release issued by the Gujarat government said that the event's main program was organized at Modhera Sun Temple in Mehsana district.
  • The main program was organized in the presence of Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel at the Sun Temple in Modhera.

About Surya Namaskar:

  • Surya Namaskar is an ancient yoga practice of honouring the rising sun. It includes various asanas or yoga exercises.
  • The ancient practice of Surya Namaskar helps a person achieve good health through exercise and connects a person with spirituality.
  • The direct translation of 'Surya Namaskar' is to pay homage or greet the Sun. This yoga asana is a great way to give proper shape to the body and keep the mind calm and healthy.
  • Surya Namaskar is a sequence of 12 impactful yoga poses for a beneficial cardiovascular workout.
  • Surya Namaskar is a complete yoga exercise; its practice keeps both body and mind healthy.

12 Important Asanas (Steps) of Surya Namaskar:-

  1. Pranam Asana (Prayer pose)
  2. Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arms pose)
  3. Hasta Padasana (Hand to Foot pose)
  4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)
  5. Dandasana (Stick Pose)
  6. Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute With Eight Parts Or Points)
  7. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)
  8. Parvatasana (Mountain pose)
  9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)
  10. Hasta Padasana (Standing Forward Bend)
  11. Hasta Uttanasana ( Raised arms pose)
  12. Tadasana ( Mountain Pose)

About Modhera Sun Temple:

  • Modhera Sun Temple is located on the banks of the Pushpavati River in the Mehsana district of Gujrat. 
  • This Sun Temple is an unmatched example of unique architecture and craftsmanship.
  • King Bhimdev I of the Solanki dynasty built this temple in two parts in 1026 AD.
  • The first part is of the sanctorum and the second is of the Sabha mandap (assembly hall). There are 52 pillars in the Sabha mandap of the temple.
  • This temple was constructed in the Iranian style.
  • Apart from the pictures of various gods and goddesses, episodes from Ramayana and Mahabharata have been shown on these pillars with excellent craft.
  • Lime has not been used anywhere in the construction of this temple.
  • When these pillars are looked downwards, they appear octagonal and when looked upward, they appear round.
  • The temple was constructed so that at sunrise, the first rays of the sun illuminated its sanctorum.
  • In front of the Sabha mandap is a huge pond famous by the name of Suryakund or Ramkund.

Sun Temple of Modhera Mentioned in Puranas: 

  • The temple of Modhera is mentioned in many Puranas, such as Skanda Purana and Brahma Purana. In ancient times, the entire area around Modhera was known as Dharmaranya.
  • According to the Puranas, Lord Shri Ram came here after killing Ravana to purify himself and get freedom from the sin of killing Brahma.


Answer:- Gujarat

Answer:- 108

Answer:- The Sun Temple of Modhera was constructed in the Iranian style.

Answer:- King Bhimdev I of the Solanki dynasty did it.

Answer:- Solanki dynasty
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