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Country's First Copper-Clad Bapu Tower Built In Patna

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 03-02-2024
Country's First Copper-Clad Bapu Tower Built In Patna Bihar 5 min read

The country's first largest Bapu Tower, dedicated to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, has been completed in Patna, Bihar. For this, the building construction department and construction agency are finalizing the preparations.

Bapu Tower is located in Gardanibagh of Patna:

  • Bapu Tower is located in Gardanibagh, Patna. The height of this tower is 120 feet. This is a 6 storey tower. This is considered to be the dream project of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
  • In Bapu Tower, tourists will get a parking facility for 50 four-wheelers and 150 two-wheelers inside the complex.
  • Where Bapu's biography will be shown to the tourists through a turntable theater show on the ground floor. After this, tourists will be able to see the history of Bapu while roaming in the circular and rectangular buildings.
  • An exhibition related to the history of Gandhiji and Bihar is being organized in this tower at a cost of about Rs 45 crore.

Copper layer on tower wall:

  • A layer of 42 thousand kg copper has been applied in the outer wall of the circular building. The copper on the wall is turning into rainbow colors due to the reaction of oxygen and nitrogen. This has increased the beauty of the building.

Inauguration of Bapu Tower:

  • The inauguration of this tower dedicated to the Father of the Nation is proposed on 4 February 2024. The construction of Bapu Tower was started on 02 October 2018. The target for completion of which was set for 28 November 2021.
  • Due to non-completion of the construction work, it was extended to 31 December 2022. After this, it was again extended and the target was set to finish it by the end of June 2023.
  • However, now the construction work of this tower has been completed.

Construction cost of Bapu Tower:

  • The cost of building Bapu Tower is Rs 129 crore. The sculptures and artefacts displayed in the exhibition gallery of Bapu Tower have been manufactured in a factory in Ahmedabad.
  • Civil work for installing the exhibit has also been completed. The copper layer in the circular building of the tower is shining brightly. At night, when the lights come on in front, its beauty increases.

Use of green technology in the construction of the tower:

  • Bapu Tower has been constructed keeping in mind the high standards and scientific techniques of environmental management and sustainable development  which mainly includes the use of green technology.

The tower is spread over seven acres:

  • For tourists, this building has an excellent exhibition of historical events related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi's thoughts, his role in the freedom struggle, his attachment to Bihar, the work done by the Bihar government to establish Bapu's ideals among the common people, etc. 
  • The total area of the plot where this tower has been built is seven acres and the total built up area is 10503 square meters.
  • The tower houses various galleries, research centres, lounges for distinguished guests, administrative offices etc.

The tower will prove to be very useful:

  • It will prove to be very useful for children, students, researchers and those interested in Gandhi's principles. Turntable theater show has also been arranged in the circular building of Bapu Tower.


Answer:- Patna, Bihar

Answer:- 129 crores

Answer:- 120 feet

Answer:- Copper

Answer:- Seven acres (total built up area is 10503 square meters).
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