7 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Preparing for CLAT 2021

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  • Feb 03, 2021
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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Preparing for CLAT 2021

CLAT is considered to be the ultimate test for law aspirants. Every law aspirant wishes to crack the CLAT exam to get the Law college of their dreams. However, cracking CLAT is not a child’s play and requires constant hard work, dedication, and efforts. Many students tend to make common mistakes while preparing for this exam which mitigates their chances of being successful in cracking this exam. Despite putting your best foot forward, mistakes do find a way in, pulling you away from your goal. Losing a year only because of improper or insufficient preparation can be very demotivating and devastating for the candidates. However, if you already know about the most common mistakes made by the candidates while preparing for CLAT, you are less likely to commit them.

In this article, we will be discussing the blunders made by the candidates during their CLAT discussion because a smart man learns from his mistake, but the smartest one learns from the mistakes of others too. 

Not Chalking out a Strategy

No matter which battle you are in, preparing a strategy is the first step. Even in the battle of CLAT, you must have a sure-shot strategy to help you conquer your goal. A strategy for CLAT may include how and when you will start with your preparations, which resources will you refer to while studying, how much time will you give to which subject, which subject will you start with, how much revision is required for each subject, when will you begin with your revision and many such factors. Take a day or two to draft out your strategy and note it down. Fee free to make any changes in your strategy in the course of your preparations if you feel so. 

Excessive Cramming

Rote learning can never help you get the rank that you wish to have. It may help you qualify, but it won’t help you shine. If you want to be a topper, you have to think and work like one. Toppers never cram, rather they understand every concept which makes a permanent impression in their mind which they remember forever. This helps in correlating different topics making your pool of knowledge very vast. 

Improper Time Management

Discipline and Time Management are crucial while preparing for CLAT. You can’t study excessively for a week and then go on a vacation in the other. Preparing for CLAT is a slow and gradual process and you can’t just finish it up in a few weeks or months. You need to devote proper time to it. Study less but study every day. Don’t break your chain; this will help you be in flow and learn better. 

Not Attempting Timed Mock Tests

Timed mock tests are great ways of analyzing your preparation level. They help you figure out how long it takes to solve each section of the paper. This will help you mold your preparation strategy accordingly. You will also know about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. 

Not Understanding the Basics

Many candidates try to learn the advanced and the more complex parts of the topics in hope of learning more and more but forget the basics. If you do not have proper knowledge of the basics, there is no way you can understand the advanced or more complex topics. Having a strong foundation is imperative in all the subjects of CLAT. Only after mastering the basics, you should move forward to the advanced topics.  

Referring to too Many Sources 

While preparing for CLAT, always go for Quality over Quantity. Hoarding books and magazines will not help you in any way and rather leave you confused. Go for a few reliable resources and do not buy new books until you finish the old one or it lacks a topic that you want to study. 

No Revision

Revision is the key to success in CLAT. Whether it is Current Affairs, Legal Reasoning, or any other subject, constant revision is a must. Since the syllabus of CLAT is so vast, candidates may forget what they studied a few months back. To keep your mind refreshed, the proper revision must be done. Only through constant revision, one can ensure that they remember everything they have studied.

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