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UPPSC RO/ARO Exam 2023 Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 17-02-2024
UPPSC RO/ARO Exam 2023 Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) has announced the Exam Date for Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer (RO/ARO) (Prelims)-2023. According to the official notice PDF available at the website of the commission (uppsc.up.nic.in) the exam will be held on 11 February 2024 in two sessions, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and from 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm, at various locations throughout the state.

If you have also applied for this examination and are preparing to take it, this article will assist you in developing effective strategies. 

UPPSC RO/ARO Exam 2023 Overview

Welcome to the comprehensive guide by your Utkarsh Family for preparing for the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Review Officer and Assistant Review Officer (UPPSC RO/ARO) examination 2023. This blog aims to provide you with valuable insights, strategies, and resources to ace this competitive exam and secure a promising career.

Click to view the UP RO/ARO Exam Date 2023

The UPPSC RO/ARO examination is a gateway to lucrative career opportunities in the Uttar Pradesh government. The selection of a candidate will be made based on 3 stages selection process, i.e. Stage-I Preliminary Examination, Stage-II Mains Examination, and Stage-III Typing (Skill) Test.

Understanding the exam pattern and selection process is essential for successful preparation. Let's start with the exam pattern:

Preliminary Examination

The examination will be objective type having 200 multiple choice questions (1 mark each) from the following subjects.

  • General Studies (Paper-I) - 140 Marks
  • General Hindi (Paper-II) - 60 Marks

Main Examination

The main examination will be descriptive in nature, with the following three papers:  

  • General Studies (Paper-I) - 120 marks
  • General Hindi [Conventional and General Vocabulary] (Paper-II) - 160 marks
  • Essay (Paper-III) - 120 marks

For Typing test information → Click Here

UPPSC RO/ARO Prelims Syllabus Breakdown

Let's break down the syllabus of Prelims (scheduled to be held on 11 February 2024) to help you navigate through the vast curriculum and focus on essential topics.

1. General Studies (Paper-I): This paper evaluates the candidate’s knowledge in the following areas

   - History and Culture of India

   - Indian Polity

   - General Science

   - Current Affairs (National and International)

   - Indian Economy

   - Indian Agriculture

   - Geography of India

2. General Hindi (Paper-II): The purpose of this paper is to assess the candidate's comprehension and decision-making abilities. The following topics will be used to frame the questions:

   - Grammar and Language Usage

   - Vocabulary

   - Comprehension 

UP RO/ARO Study Material Recommendations:

You must select appropriate study materials, such as UP Ro/ARO Books, online courses, mock tests, and the previous year's question bank. Before purchasing any book or study material, ensure that it is up to date and aligns with the most recent RO/ARO Exam Pattern 2023. Here are some suggestions for books:

  • “Indian Polity" by M. Laxmikanth
  • "Indian Economy" by Ramesh Singh
  • "General Studies" by Arihant Publications
  • “Samany Hindi” by Rajpal Singh (Universal Books)

Online Resources:

This is a critical time when you need expert advice on how to begin your preparation. The best faculty members of UP Utkarsh from the respective departments will guide you in this journey of success from the basic to the advanced level. For best preparation, you can enroll in a special batch by UP Utkarsh - UP RO/ARO Target Batch 

UP RO/ARO Preparation Strategy & Tips

It is crucial to thoroughly prepare for each subject. To help you prepare for the exam, we've provided general and subject-specific tips from Utkarsh experts. This guide will undoubtedly assist you, whether you are a first-time aspirant or looking for a strategy to improve your preparation. Continue reading to find out more!

Time Management Strategies:

Effective time management is the key to success. Create a realistic study schedule that allows you to cover all subjects without feeling overwhelmed. The following 3 strategies will help you in effective time management and complete your syllabus on time.

1. Daily Schedule:

  • Set aside specific time slots for each subject.
  • Include breaks for relaxation.

2. Weekly Reviews:

  • Assess your progress weekly and make necessary adjustments to your schedule.

3. Mock Tests:

Utilize online platforms and books to regularly practice mock tests. This not only helps in time management but also boosts confidence.

Preparation Tips:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

To begin, you must understand the UP RO/ARO Syllabus 2023. Familiarizing yourself with the exam pattern, including the subjects, marking scheme, and duration of the exam, will aid you in developing a strategy for preparation. 

2. Conceptual understanding:

The UPPSC RO ARO exam places a premium on conceptual understanding over rote memorization. Rather than memorizing facts and figures, concentrate on understanding the underlying concepts and their practical applications. This will allow you to not only answer questions correctly but also apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios.

3. Stay Updated with Current Affairs:

For General Awareness, read daily newspapers, watch news broadcasts, and keep up with national and international current events. Focus on Indian history, geography, politics, economy, and general science for General Knowledge.

4. Healthy Lifestyle:

A healthy body and mind are required for peak performance. During your preparation, prioritize self-care and well-being. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise frequently, and get plenty of rest.

Previous Year Papers

Understanding the exam pattern, time management, and identifying your strengths and weaknesses all require practice with the previous year's question papers. Solve enough previous year question papers to become acquainted with the types of questions asked and to improve your speed and accuracy. Utkarsh Classes provides you with a wide range of previous year question papers and mock tests to help you practice.

Click Here for UP RO/ARO PYQ PDF Download 

Revision Strategies:

Develop effective revision techniques, including the use of flashcards, mind maps, and concise notes. By following this comprehensive guide and staying dedicated to your preparation, you are well on your way to mastering the UPPSC RO/ARO exam. 

UP RO/ARO Subject-Wise Approach for Prelims

You can master each paper using effective strategies and concentrate more on the important topics listed below:

Paper-1 General Studies

  • Current affairs: Read the newspaper every day; if you are unable to do so, refer to some good monthly magazines.
  • Indian History: Beginning with ancient history, take precise and one-liner notes. Do not try to copy and paste the entire book into your notes; it will be useless at the time of revision.
  • Indian Polity: Do not begin reading Indian Polity with the first chapter. You should try to read M. Lakshmikant in sync while reading. For example, if you are reading about the President, you should then read about Vice-President. In this way, you can easily grasp the difficult concepts of constitution and polity.
  • Geography of World and India: Begin with NCERT of class 6 and work your way up. Keep an atlas nearby so you can create a proper mindmap to help you memorize more effectively.
  • Uttar Pradesh General Knowledge: For special knowledge regarding education, culture, agriculture industry, trade, living, and social traditions of Uttar Pradesh focus on National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, environmental conventions, Institutes, Events, Awards & Honours, festivals, Temples, Stadium, Heritage Sites, Fort, Museum, Arts & Culture, History, Geographical Structure, Forests, Rivers, Dams, Lakes, Administrative Structure, Airports, Dress, Education, Monuments, and so on of the state.

Paper-2 General Hindi

  • Hindi Grammar: For this paper, one should try to read Hindi literature (Sahitya) books, and practice Hindi grammar and basic Hindi questions. 

Additional Tips

  • For easy reading, use bullet points, subheadings, and short notes.
  • In order to motivate readers, include relevant statistics or success stories.
  • Break up the text with images or infographics to make the blog more visually appealing.
  • Make the content more relatable by using examples and anecdotes.

Best of luck on your journey to success!


The UPPSC RO/ARO exam 2023 is scheduled for 11 February 11, 2024.

Yes, there will be a negative marking of ⅓ marks for each incorrect answer.

Yes, taking mock tests on a regular basis will help you gain a better understanding of your preparation. It will also assist you in revising what you have already learned.

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