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RSMSSB’s New Exam Guidelines For OMR Sheet: 5th Option Introduced

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 02-11-2023
RSMSSB’s New Exam Guidelines For OMR Sheet: 5th Option Introduced

Change is the only thing that never stops in the world of examinations and assessments.

The Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSMSSB) has recently announced its new guidelines through the notice issued on 5 October 2023. Candidates who are appearing for any upcoming RSMSSB Exam will have five options for each question in objective-type paper. Earlier the RPSC issued a similar notice regarding the RPSC RAS Exam which was successfully conducted on 1 October 2023.

RSMSSB OMR Sheet New Guideline Notice

RSMSSB Basic Guideline

You should be aware that these guidelines are applicable to each exam which is to be conducted by the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board. So if you belong to the Rajasthan State and want to appear in any of the exams conducted by the RSSB then read these instructions carefully:-

5th Option Is Introduced

Unlike the previous examinations, in which there were four options for each question, the MCQs will now have five options.

The first four options (A, B, C, and D) are your standard answer selections, however, the fifth one, i.e. “E” is a little odd. If a candidate is attempting a question, he/she shall have to darken the appropriate circle A, B, C or D and if not attempting a question, then have to darken the corresponding circle E.

Pick Any One Option

For each question, the applicant must select just one alternative. Use a blue ballpoint pen to darken the corresponding circle on your OMR sheet if you are certain of the answer. Don't leave a question blank if you're unsure of the answer or decide to skip it; instead, use the fifth option, "Unanswered Question (Question Not Attempted)."

Negative Marking

Now, you might wonder why all this fuss about selecting an option. Well, here's the deal: if you forget to choose an option for any question, you'll lose 1/3 of the marks for that question. Additionally, you risk being disqualified from the exam if you don't mark answers for more than 10% of the questions.

Extra 10 Minutes

Don't worry; the examiners are giving you a little extra breathing room. They're giving you an extra 10 minutes to make sure you've marked the answer for each question. Make the most of this time by checking your responses a second time and making sure all questions have been marked.

OMR Sheet Guidelines

Once you've completed the exam, your responsibility doesn't end there. Hand over your completed OMR sheet to the respective invigilator. They will hand you the carbon duplicate after carefully removing the original copy from it. 

Keep these recommendations in mind as you prepare for your upcoming RSMSSB exam. When you enter the exam hall, be prepared with a blue ballpoint pen and an understanding of these new guidelines. You might perform well on every exam you take if you are confident and make wise decisions. 

We wish you Good luck!

FAQs On RSMSSB OMR Sheet New Guidelines 


The new guidelines introduced by RSSB that MCQs in objective-type examinations will now have five options for each question instead of the usual four. The fifth option is labeled as "Unanswered Question (Question Not Attempted)," and candidates can choose any of the options from 1 to 4 or the 5th option.

Yes, these guidelines are applicable to all exams conducted by the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board (RSSB) in the state of Rajasthan.

If you leave a question blank or don't mark an answer for a question, you may lose 1/3 of the marks for that specific question. Additionally, if you fail to choose an answer for more than 10% of the questions, you could risk disqualification from the exam.

Yes, there is an extra 10 minutes provided to candidates to ensure they have selected an answer for each question. This extra time can be used to review and complete any unanswered questions.

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