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Uttarakhand Foundation Day 2023: History And Significance

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Uttarakhand Foundation Day 2023: History And Significance Important Day 6 min read

On Uttarakhand Foundation Day, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi sent his warmest wishes to the state's citizens.  According to Shri Modi, Devbhoomi Uttarakhand has significantly enhanced the depth of Indian customs and culture. The state is planning a number of events to commemorate State Foundation Day. President Draupadi Murmu will be present at the major ceremony, which is scheduled to take place at the Dehradun police queue. The President will take part in Uttarakhand's Foundation Day programme for the first time in twenty-three years.

Uttarakhand Foundation Day

  • November 9, is marked as the 23rd Foundation Day of Uttarakhand. 
  • This day in 2000 marked the division of Uttar Pradesh into the new state of Uttarakhand. 
  • Uttarakhand is popularly known as the "Land of the Gods" or "Dev Bhumi." 
  • When it was first founded, it was known as Uttaranchal. 
  • It is a wonderful pilgrimage site that is located in Northern India. 

History of Uttarakhand Formation

  • On November 9, 2000, Uttarakhand broke away from Uttar Pradesh to become the 27th state of India. 
  • It was referred to as Uttaranchal during the time. Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tibet, Nepal, and Haryana are the states that border Uttarakhand. 
  • The Sanskrit dialect is whence the word Uttarakhand gets its meaning, which translates to "northern city."
  • It was formally renamed Uttarakhand from Uttaranchal in 2007.
  • Uttarakhand is home to the four most respected and sacred Hindu temples, known as the Char-dhams: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamnotri.
  • The state capital is Dehradun, while the High Court is at Nainital.

Climate of Uttarakhand

  • The climate of Uttarakhand is moderate, with seasonal fluctuations in temperature. 
  • It is impacted by tropical monsoons as well. January is the coldest month while July is the hottest in the north. 
  • May is the hottest month in the Southeast. During the rainy season, landslides and floods are the main concerns in the lower valleys. 
  • In the state's northern regions, snowfall occurs often from December to March.

Population composition of Uttarakhand

  • The state is home to a multiethnic populace that is dispersed over the Garhwal and Kumaon geo-cultural areas. 
  • The Rajput, Garhwali, Gujjar, and Kumauni people make up a sizable section of Uttarakhand's population. 
  • The majority of Uttarakhand's population speaks Indo-Aryan languages. 
  • The state's official language is Hindi. Nepali, Gharwali, Kumauni, and Punjabi are some more languages.

Traditional Food of Uttarakhand

  • The cuisines of Uttarakhand may be roughly classified into two categories: the Kumaoni cuisine and the Garhwali cuisine, which are named after the two areas of the state. 
  • The majority of this northern state's cuisines are created using extremely local products and just need a few easy processes. Some of Uttarakhand's most popular recipes include:
    • Arsa is a rice and jaggery-based dessert. On auspicious events like festivals, weddings, and delivery, it is offered.
    • The production of chainsoo involves grinding and roasting black gramme (pulses) dal.
    • Kandali ka saag is a food that resembles soup and is prepared with stinging nettle, also called kandali. 
    • Gahat ke Parathe: Also referred to as horse gram, gahat is a kind of hyperlocal pulse that is used to fill paratha. 

Festivals of Uttarakhand

  • Uttarakhand celebrates festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Shivratri, Holi, etc. in accordance with the Hindu calendar. 
  • Muslims celebrate Id-al-Fitr, Muharram, Ramadan, and Id-al-Adha, which marks the end of the hajj and is observed globally, in accordance with the lunar calendar. 
  • In the Buddhist faith, Buddha Purnima is a significant holiday. 
  • To commemorate Mahavira's birthday, Jain people observe Mahavir Jayanti. 
  • The Sikh community also observes Guru Nanak Jayanti. 
  • In the state of Uttarakhand, Christians celebrate Christmas. 


Answer. Every year on November 9th, people celebrate Uttarakhand Foundation Day.

Answer. On November 9, 2000, Uttarakhand was formed as the 27th State of India.

Answer. Uttarakhand broke away from Uttar Pradesh to become the 27th state of India.

Answer. Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhumi.

Answer. Arsa and Kandali ka saag is a traditional food of Uttarakhand.
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