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Pipe composting promoted in Assam for waste management

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 14-03-2024
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Endorsing a technology that is simple and effective for the disposal of biodegradable waste at the household level, Assam is promoting Pipe Composting among its rural communities during the ongoing Swachhata Hi Seva campaign.

  • Supporting simple and effective technology for disposal of biodegradable waste at household level, Assam is actively promoting pipe composting among its rural communities during the ongoing Swachhta Hi Seva campaign.
  • The District Water and Sanitation Committee of Biswanath district in Assam has been promoting pipe composting as a way of managing biodegradable waste for mid-day meal waste generated in schools for a long time.
  • The officials of this district installed two pipes in Chariyali Majalia ME School under the Swachhta Hi Seva 2023 programme.

What is pipe composting technology?

  • Pipe composting technology is a method of converting organic waste into compost using PVC pipes of 8-10 inches diameter and 1.25 meters length.
  • The pipes are placed vertically, keeping them 25-30 cm from the ground.
  • Only degradable waste including leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels, flowers, cow dung, agricultural waste etc. can be put into the pipes.
  • To accelerate the growth of insects, a little cow dung and dry leaves are mixed in water once in two weeks.
  • During rain, both the pipes should be kept closed, so that rain water cannot enter the pipes. After two months, compost can be taken out by lifting the pipe.

Benefits of pipe composting:

  • It converts biodegradable waste into cow dung manure in a short time without harming the environment.
  • It helps in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in the school campus.
  • It is odorless and fly proof and does not require much space.
  • The system is also sustainable, as the same pipe can be used repeatedly.
  • It provides students with an opportunity to learn about the science of decomposition and ecology.
  • Teaches students about the role of microorganisms and invertebrates as well as the importance of waste management and sustainability.


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