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Indian Coast Guard's 48th Raising Day : Date, History & Significance

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Indian Coast Guard's 48th Raising Day : Date, History & Significance Important Day 5 min read

Indian Coast Guard (ICG) celebrates its Raising Day every year on February 1. The ICG is an armed force of India that protects maritime interests and enforces maritime law.

48th Indian Coast Guard Day 2024:

  • This year, in 2024, we are celebrating 48th Indian Coast Guard Day. The Interim Indian Coast Guard was initially formed on February 1, 1977.
  • ICG was established to prevent sea-borne smuggling of goods that hampers India's domestic economy.

Objectives of ICG:

  • The primary responsibilities of the Coast Guard include offshore security, maritime security and coastal security as well as safeguarding India's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

History and Importance of ICG:

  • The ICG was established on February 1, 1977. Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Day was officially established by Parliament on August 18, 1978, and officially celebrated on February 1.
  • Since its establishment, the Indian Coast Guard has rescued numerous lives and apprehended wrongdoers. Since its inception, the ICG has also seized medicines, contraband and illegal goods worth thousands of crores of rupees.

Functions of the Indian Coast Guard:

  • The Coast Guard is also involved in voluntary work, conducting searches, conducting rescue operations at sea and protecting the national waters and borders of our country.
  • The ICG functions in collaboration with the Indian Navy, customs and police in various sectors.

ICG is the fourth-largest coast guard in the world:

  • Currently, the Indian Coast Guard is ranked as the fourth-largest coast guard in the world.
  • The ICG is led by a Director General, who holds the rank of Vice Admiral in the Indian Navy.
  • The headquarters of the Indian Coast Guard is located in New Delhi.
  • This day offers Indians an opportunity to recognise the commitment of maritime security personnel. Various programs are organised nationwide to highlight their dedication.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2024 Theme:

  • The theme of this year, 2024, has not been officially announced yet. Each year the theme highlights different aspects of the Coast Guard's responsibilities and demonstrates their commitment to excellence.

About Indian Coast Guard Day:

  • The Coast Guard works in cooperation with the Indian Navy, Fisheries Department, Revenue Department (Customs) and central and state police forces.
  • India's coastline of 7516.60 km provides protection to various states and some of the busiest trade routes.
  • The Indian Coast Guard was initially established to provide non-military maritime services through the creation of the ICG.
  • Unlike their counterparts in the three military services, the Indian Coast Guard can serve up to the age of 60.
  • The ICG ships are different from Indian Navy ships.
  • ICG protects fishermen. Their duty is also to check foreign fishermen fishing in the waters.
  • ICGs ensure that our oceans are safe and no illegal activities take place in our waters.
  • ICG also protects the marine environment. They take into account the protection of the marine environment while ensuring the prevention and control of marine pollution.
  • The ICG also deals with matters related to measures for the safety of life and property at sea. ICG also collects scientific data.


Answer:- February 1

Answer:- New Delhi

Answer:- February 1, 1977

Answer:- 48th
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