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India is importing Tomato from Nepal :NCCF

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 31-01-2024
India is importing Tomato from Nepal :NCCF Economy 5 min read

The Government of India is importing 10 tonnes of tomatoes from Nepal to meet  the shortage of tomatoes in the country and to cool the prices of tomatoes. The tomatoes are being imported by the National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Limited (NCCF) under the Union Ministry of Consumers Affairs,Food and Public Distribution. 

Giving this information on 16 August 2023 the NCCF said that  about 10 tonnes of  tomatoes imported from neighbouring country Nepal are in transit and will be retailed at a subsidised rate of Rs 50/kilogram in Uttar Pradesh . 

Earlier,  the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry had directed the NCCF and National  Agricultural Cooperatives Federation of India limited (NAFED)  to procure tomatoes from major tomato producing states  like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra and sell it at subsidised prices in major consumption centres where retail prices have recorded maximum increase in the last one month.

The ministry has also directed the NCCF and NAFED to  sell tomatoes at retail price of Rs.50/- per kg from 15th August, 2023 at the major consumption centres of the country..

As per the government data, all-India average wholesale price of tomatoes came down to Rs 88.22 per kg on 15th August 2023, when compared with Rs 97.56 per kg a month ago.

Similarly, the all-India average retail price of tomatoes came down to Rs 107.87 per kg now from Rs 118.7 per kg a month ago, the data showed.

Reason for high prices of tomatoes 

Tomatoes are produced almost in all the states in India. Maximum production is in southern and western regions of India, contributing 56%-58% of all India production.

Southern and Western regions being surplus states supply tomatoes to other major consuming markets depending on production seasons. The production seasons are also different across regions. The peak harvesting season occurs from December to February. 

The periods during July-August and October-November are generally the lean production months for tomatoes. Thus the prices of tomatoes vary depending upon the season. 

This time due to severe heat waves in tomato producing areas during  April and May affected the tomato production .

Also due to heavy rain and floods in the northern part of the country, the transportation of tomatoes to major consuming states was badly affected leading to shortages and high prices .

Top Tomato producing states in India (2021-22)

Madhya Pradesh  ; It accounted for around 15% of total tomato production in the country.

Andhra Pradesh : It accounted for around 10.92 % of total tomato production in the country.

Karnataka :It accounted for around 10.23% of total tomato production in the country.

Tamil Nadu: It accounted for around 7.34 % of total tomato production in the country.

Odisha :It accounted for around 7.06% of total tomato production in the country.

 Source : APEDA

National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Limited (NCCF)

NCCF was established on 16 th October, 1965 to function as the apex body of consumer cooperatives in the country. 

It is registered under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002.

It operates through a network of 26 Branch Offices located in different parts of the country.

NCCF Headquarters is situated in New Delhi

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