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Defence Ministry Signs a Contract To Purchase 6 Patrol Vessels

Utkarsh Classes 21-12-2023
Defence Ministry Signs a Contract To Purchase 6 Patrol Vessels Defence 3 min read

The Ministry of Defence signed a contract with Mazgaon Dockyard Shipbuilders Limited for the purchase of six offshore patrol ships of the next generation for the Indian Coast Guard.

  • Under this contract, patrol ships will be purchased with the cost of Rs, 1614.89 crore.
  • The acquisition of these patrol ships aims to promote the capacity of the Indian Coast Guard and strengthen the government's stand towards maritime security.
  • Four of these ships to be purchased will replace the old patrol ships. At the same time, the remaining two will be included in the Coast Guard fleet.
  • These ships will be indigenously designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Patrol ships will have these capabilities:

  • These patrol ships will be equipped with modern and high-tech monitoring capacity.
  • These ships will also be equipped with drones for various purposes, as well as technology like artificial intelligence (AI).
  • These ships will be equipped with wirelessly controlled remote water rescue craft Lifebuoys.
  • These ships will lead India in other important activities, including monitoring, law enforcement, discovery, rescue and humanitarian aid.

Offshore patrol vehicles (OPVs):

  • OPVs are long-range superficial ships capable of operating in marine areas of India, including island areas with helicopter operating capabilities.
  • Their roles include coastal and offshore patrolling, policing, controlling and monitoring and ‘anti-smuggling and anti-robbery’ operations in the marine areas of India.

Indian Coast Guard (ICG):

  • It is an armed force, discovery and rescue and maritime law enforcement agency under the Ministry of Defence.
  • Its headquarters is in New Delhi.
  • It was established in August 1978 as an independent armed force of India by the Coast Guard Act 1978.
  • The concept of construction of ICG came into existence after the 1971 war.
  • A blueprint was prepared for the multi-faceted Coast Guard by the Rustomji Committee.
  • It has jurisdiction over the regional water of India including the embodied region and the Special Economic Zone (EEZ).
  • Director General - Rakesh Pal


Ans. 6 offshore patrol ships

Ans. Mazgaon Dockyard Shipbuilders Limited

Ans. 1614.89 crore rupees

Ans. New Delhi

Ans. Rakesh Pal
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