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BPSC CCE Previous Year Paper PDF with Solutions

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BPSC CCE Previous Year Paper PDF with Solutions

The BPSC Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) is administered by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). The BPSC CCE examination serves as the gateway for appointments to various services and cadres falling under the General Administrative Department. Positions include Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Director, Revenue Officer, Commercial Tax Officer, Election Officer, Bihar Superintendent of Police, Welfare Officer, among others. Successful candidates in the BPSC CCE exam may secure roles in these diverse and significant administrative capacities.

Recently BPSC 69th CCE Mains Exam was conducted in January from  03 January to 06 January 2024. Those who have appeared in the exam or want to appear for the BPSC CCE Exam in the further year are at the right place, as through this article, we are providing you with the BPSC CCE Previous Year Papers, which is the beneficial tool for the candidates who are preparing for the BPSC CCE Exam. 

Candidates have to go through the three-round selection process to get selected for these positions i.e. Prelims, Mains & Personality Test. Before you are going to appear in the BPSC CCE Exam, you should be familiar with the examination pattern of the BPSC CCE and the difficulty level of the examination as well. BPSC CCE PYQ papers are the essential key to examining the examination pattern with the weightage of the topics. Scroll down this page to get BPSC CCE Previous Year Papers. 

Download BPSC CCE Previous Year Paper PDFs 

We @Utkarsh Classes are committed to providing you with the best for the preparation of government exams. In this article, we are providing BPSC CCE PYQ Papers with solutions for the convenience of the students. BPSC CCE Previous Year Papers are essential for candidates preparing for this examination. The Bihar Public Service Commission conducts CCE in different phases. Candidates need to qualify at all stages to get posted under the General Administrative Department of Bihar. We are providing a table with the Previous year paper pdf of the BPSC CCE exam for both the Preliminary and Main Examination below:-

Benefits of Solving BPSC CCE Previous Year Question Papers  

The previous year question papers play an important role in preparation. Candidates appearing in this exam should start their preparation with the previous year papers for the BPSC Exam. By practising through these papers candidates will get a clear idea about the BPSC  Combined Competitive Examination structure, the types of questions asked etc. Look at these points to understand some basic benefits of BPSC CCE Previous Year papers:-

  1. Familiarity with the exam format: Engaging in the practice of solving previous year papers familiarizes you with the structure and format of the BPSC CCE exam. This familiarity with the exam pattern plays a crucial role in diminishing exam anxiety and enhancing confidence on the actual exam day.
  2. Identifying important topics and trends: BPSC CCE Previous year papers serve as a compass, guiding you toward important topics and recurring trends commonly featured in the exam. This insight enables you to prioritize your study efforts, concentrating on areas that hold greater significance and carry more weight in the examination.
  3. Improving time management skills: Effective time management is crucial in the BPSC CCE exam. Practising with previous year papers helps sharpen your time-management skills, teaching you to allocate the appropriate amount of time to each section. Mastery of this skill is vital for enhancing your overall performance and achieving a higher score in the examination.
  4. Introspection & making preparation strategy:- Utilizing BPSC CCE Previous Year Question Papers (PYQ) can assist you in pinpointing your weak and strong areas, enabling you to tailor your study schedule accordingly. By commencing your preparation from the weaker areas and progressively moving towards the stronger ones, you can strategically enhance your overall readiness for the examination.

How To Solve BPSC CCE PYQ?

To effectively approach BPSC CCE Previous Year Papers (PYP) and enhance your performance, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Establish a Distraction-Free Setting: Choose a quiet and comfortable environment for solving the papers. Minimize distractions and set up a countdown timer or stopwatch to replicate exam conditions.
  2. Strategic Question Prioritization: Commence by addressing questions that you find familiar and can confidently answer. This builds momentum and boosts your confidence. Gradually move towards the less familiar questions.
  3. Time Management: Monitor the timer closely. Emulate the actual exam duration for each section. Practising under timed conditions will refine your time management skills and help you handle the pressure of timed sections.
  4. Thorough Question Understanding: Read each question from the BPSC CCE PYP carefully. Comprehend the requirements and constraints before attempting to answer. This ensures accuracy in your responses.
  5. Limit Attempts within the Time Frame: Once the timer for a section concludes, refrain from attempting additional questions in that section. This mirrors the exam scenario and aids in practising completing sections within the allocated time.
  6. Self-Evaluation: Once you solve the paper, compare your answers with the official answer key. Identify correct and incorrect responses, and take note of areas where mistakes were made. This self-evaluation process enhances your learning and preparation.

BPSC CCE Exam 2023 Overview 

The BPSC CCE examination is known for its high competitiveness and is a gateway to promising career opportunities. The BPSC CCE will be conducted in three phases, i.e. Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Interview. The Pre exam is a screening test and the candidates who clear the Prelims can give the main exam in the next stage. Important updates related to the BPSC CCE exam are mentioned in the table below:  

                            BPSC CCE - Important Updates

Exam Conducting Organization

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)

Exam Name

Combined Competitive Examination (CCE)

Job Location 


Selection Process

  • Prelims
  • Mains 
  • Personality Test


If you are one of those who are going to appear in the BPSC CCE in the next year then as the first step of your preparation, you should understand the BPSC CCE Exam Pattern for both Prelims and Main Examination. Check out the detailed exam pattern for the Combined Competitive Examination (CCE):-

BPSC CCE Prelim Exam Pattern 

The BPSC Preliminary Exam is designed as a qualifying examination, featuring objective-type multiple-choice questions. The sole subject covered in the exam is General Studies, comprising 150 questions carrying a total of 150 marks. Candidates will have a time limit of 2 hours to complete the BPSC Prelims exam. Look at the table for a clear picture of the exam pattern below:-

                                        BPSC CCE Pre-Exam Pattern 


No. of Questions 



General Studies



2 Hours




2 Hours

BPSC CCE Main Exam Pattern 

The main exam pattern includes five papers: General Hindi (Qualifying), General Studies Paper 1, General Studies Paper 2, Essay, and Optional Subject. According to the BPSC exam pattern, the total marks for the Mains exam, including qualifying papers, amount to 1100. Check this table below:-

                                              BPSC CCE Mains 


Max. Marks

Exam Duration

General Hindi 


3 hours 

General Studies, Paper I


3 hours

General Studies, Paper II


3 hours



3 hours

*Optional subject


3 hours


Solving previous year papers helps you understand the exam pattern, question types, and recurring themes. It enhances your familiarity with the BPSC CCE structure, reducing exam anxiety.

You can download BPSC CCE Previous Year Papers with solutions from reliable sources such as official BPSC websites, coaching institutes, or educational platforms that provide exam preparation materials. In this article, we have provided some PYQs with answers for your reference.

These papers help you identify important topics, trends, and improve time management skills. They serve as a self-assessment tool, highlighting your strong and weak areas and enabling you to strategize your preparation effectively.

The selection process consists of three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test (Interview). Candidates need to qualify at each stage to get selected for various positions under the General Administrative Department of Bihar.

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