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Uttarakhand Government Passed Uniform Civil Code Bill in Assembly

Utkarsh Classes Last Updated 07-02-2024
Uttarakhand Government Passed Uniform Civil Code Bill in Assembly Uttrakhand 4 min read

The Uttarakhand Assembly has passed the Uniform Civil Code Bill, which became the Act after passing the Act, Uttarakhand became the first state in the country to implement the Uniform Civil Code.

  • Though Goa has its UCC, which the Portuguese implemented.

What is the Uniform Civil Code?

The Constitution gave the right under Article 44 to have a Uniform Civil Code and the states can also introduce the UCC at appropriate time.

The Bill will replace the old personal laws that govern 

  • marriage, 
  • divorce, 
  • succession and 
  • live-in relationships, 

Bill for Women

A bill has been passed in the Uttarakhand Assembly that aims to strengthen women's self-confidence and promote their holistic development. 

The Bill is specifically designed to help women facing social norms that cause difficulties. 

During the discussion in the assembly, CM Dhami assured that the Constitution prepared the Bill. 

The Uniform Civil Code is expected to be a helpful tool in eliminating injustice and wrongdoings against women. 

All are Equal

This legislation is based on equality, uniformity and equal rights. Although there were some initial doubts, the two-day Assembly discussion clarified everything. It is important to note that this law is not intended to discriminate against anyone. 

The Uttarakhand Uniform Civil Code of 2024 will apply to all individuals, regardless of religion.

Testament Succession of Muslim 

Under the Sharia law, Muslims are subject to testamentary succession. This means people can only bequeath up to one-third of their property through a will. 

The remaining property is distributed according to a specific scheme of succession. However, under the UCC Bill, there is no limit on testamentary succession.

Previous Laws

  • The laws governing succession in India are The Indian Succession Act (ISA), 1925; The Hindu Succession Act (HSA), 1956; and the uncodified Muslim personal law. 
  • If a person is married under the Special Marriage Act (SMA), 1954, their inheritance occurs according to the ISA. 
  • However, this does not apply to two Hindus who get married under the SMA, as their inheritance rights continue to be governed by the HSA. If people get married under their respective personal laws, the personal law of succession applies.


Answer: Uttarakhand

Answer: Uttarakhand

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